We are moving over to Kona Loft Farms!!!! | Loft & Learn is Now Kona Loft Farms

The Loft & Learn website is officially going to be apart of the Kona Loft Farms Brand! . I am so honored and thrilled to have my loyal followers who have been with me since launching as just a family update site in Boise, Idaho to North Carolina, to back to the Big Island of Hawaii!! As with most things in life there comes a time to expand and and evolve, and that is what is happening. Colin and are going to tackle a few more topics and share a bit more in terms of our business and philosophy on Kona Loft Farms. So please continue to follow on the Kona Loft Farms site and blog as we continue to give updates on the family business, life in Hawaii and our take on all things Loft!!

So please head over to www.konaloft.com

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Love to all and see you soon!

Malaika Amani



Aloha!! | Loft & Learn Update from the Big Island of Hawai’i

Greetings Everyone!

The farm is progressing nicely, much of the extreme overgrowth has been cut down on a majority of the property except there is still some chopping to do in the back of the fruit orchard. The view and landscape is shaping up though and all of the hard work is paying off. The coffee is coming in beautifully and there are some really nice producing trees this season, so we are truly hopeful of having a pretty decent season. A nursery has already been started for introducing new trees for planting at the end of the year and plans are being drawn up to plant our new crops (lavender, vanilla and vineyard)by the end of next year. We have already enjoyed the lemon, lime, avocados, and mangoes on the farm. I have been experimenting with different smoothies and salads.

We are still working tirelessly in efforts of restoring and re branding the farm as well as renovating the house but we managed to get some stellar fun time in as well, Loft Style!!! Let’s see, Grandpa took Ace & Kingston out for a mega cool day where they went swimming at 2 different beaches, out to eat, back to an aquatics pool, stopped by a skate park, ran around a recreational beach and had a ball in a Halloween store!! Phew, I am tired for him, just typing all of that. The boys are still talking about their mega-fun day with Grandpa! While they were off having an awesome time, we were able to have a day/night out in Kona town. They have added a few really nice establishments and clubs to the strip making it more thriving scene for all. We’re also thrilled to be able to reconnect with our dear friends, Randy and Kamalani. We kept up while we moved to the mainland but it is truly nice to be able to catch up in person. All in all it’s been pretty hectic yet fun, the last few weeks.

p.s. the boys got signed to a model/talent agency (Focus International–New Faces) and Ace starts basketball today…

Until next time, Many Blessings,


Big Island, Hawai’i Update | Loft & Learn

Aloha Everyone,

So we have been extremely busy with the farm and house restoration. This week the farm goal was to weed in between the coffee rows, cut the overgrown grass down (a large portion was taller than Ace & Kingston) and treat the trees for the future. Of course we managed to get some family fun in too at the beach!

Stay tuned for next weeks update…We are also focusing on the kitchen remodel…

Greetings from Hawai’i !!!

Aloha Everyone! Sorry it has been so long since our last post but as mentioned earlier, we have been having a whirlwind of a summer!! First leaving beautiful Cary, North Carolina and our wonderful new friends, we began our travels at the end of June taking us to Michigan, Illinois, Florida, The Bahamas, Texas, Mississippi, New Mexico, Arizona, California then finally back home to the Big Island, Hawai’i. Phew, I am tired just reliving it all. It was such a blessing being able to catch up with family that we haven’t seen in years. And being able to see those that we do see often is always a blast. Every moment we got to spend with each other was a pleasant reminder of how precious every day is and we will treasure every moment. While July and August was the longest and best vacation we’ve ever had, we lost our beloved GG. Mary Grace will be truly missed and I am so appreciative of being able to visit with her and the rest of the Loftus Family during our visit to Chicago. This summer we got to connect with a lot of our family during our Harris Reunion cruise and look forward to the next reunion in two years. Puerto Rico, here we come!!! And for the family we weren’t able to see, we look forward to you coming out to Hawaii!!!

The Loft & Learn site will be very sporadic again until October where we will be relaunching the site among other exciting news of re-branding! Yes we are re-branding the coffee company,Farm and  “Kids Loft” on Youtube . We will definitely keep you posted on our journey of restoring the farm and renovating our home!! Thank you for taking this wild ride with us, until next time,

Many Blessings,

Malaika Amani








Well The Loftus Land Search has finally come to an end… | Aloha!!!

Hello to all of you who have been following along on the Loftus Family Search journey with us as we look for our land to farm and build a life on. We started out last year with our cross country journey from Boise Id and looked at land in Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina eventually travelling north and seeing property in Maine as well as crossing the border into Canada to view land in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. We pulled up stakes in beautiful North Carolina for the last year where we really did make a run at seeing if this could be our forever home. After enjoying the beautiful atmosphere and meeting new life long friends we have decided that Hawaii is now our home. And look forward to embracing everything the Hawaiian Life style and culture has to offer. Ace has never stopped referring to Hawaii as is home as this is where he has spent the majority of his like and his younger brother Kingston was born there.

Although we will miss being close to family and friends on the mainland, we look forward to our new lives as Home owners in Paradise. Coming soon we will continue to post about our journey to remodel our dream home and launch our new venture “Loft Farms” where we will cultivate grow and maintain 100% Kona Coffee, Lavender, Wine from our vineyard as well as Fruit Orchard and Gardens. We would love to eventually add our venue on the tour circuit where people can use the grounds as a wedding or event venue or just tour the grounds and have a hands on experience picking their own coffee cherry, Lavender bundle or fruit etc…


The next couple of months will be extremely hectic as we are preparing for our huge move in just 4 weeks! Please forgive the sporadic posts on the blog but continue to follow along on instagram for our daily posts of life leading up to our big move including our Family Reunion Cruise, Trip to Disney World, Road Trip to Chicago and Michigan and finally our cross country road trip to the Grand Canyon where after that we drive to San Diego to catch our flight to the Big Island. We are a little nervous but mostly ecstatic about our new chapter of our journey. Thank you all for sharing this journey with us. And definetly don’t forget to follow Ace & Kingston as they continue to post on “The Kids Loft” youtube channel, (Hawaii Style)

Until next time…With Love

Malaika @loftandlearn