80 Is The New 60!!!

Happy 80th Birthday To the coolest cat on the planet!!

Seriously Dad, you make 80 look GOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Words can’t come close to describing how much we love you and just what you mean to me. But I feel like I am the one who got the present every January 11th!! You are a true blessing to us, and we can’t wait to go back to the volcano with you and Mom, when you come out to Hawaii again.




We are moving over to Kona Loft Farms!!!! | Loft & Learn is Now Kona Loft Farms

The Loft & Learn website is officially going to be apart of the Kona Loft Farms Brand! . I am so honored and thrilled to have my loyal followers who have been with me since launching as just a family update site in Boise, Idaho to North Carolina, to back to the Big Island of Hawaii!! As with most things in life there comes a time to expand and and evolve, and that is what is happening. Colin and are going to tackle a few more topics and share a bit more in terms of our business and philosophy on Kona Loft Farms. So please continue to follow on the Kona Loft Farms site and blog as we continue to give updates on the family business, life in Hawaii and our take on all things Loft!!

So please head over to www.konaloft.com

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Love to all and see you soon!

Malaika Amani



Aloha!! | Loft & Learn Update from the Big Island of Hawai’i

Greetings Everyone!

The farm is progressing nicely, much of the extreme overgrowth has been cut down on a majority of the property except there is still some chopping to do in the back of the fruit orchard. The view and landscape is shaping up though and all of the hard work is paying off. The coffee is coming in beautifully and there are some really nice producing trees this season, so we are truly hopeful of having a pretty decent season. A nursery has already been started for introducing new trees for planting at the end of the year and plans are being drawn up to plant our new crops (lavender, vanilla and vineyard)by the end of next year. We have already enjoyed the lemon, lime, avocados, and mangoes on the farm. I have been experimenting with different smoothies and salads.

We are still working tirelessly in efforts of restoring and re branding the farm as well as renovating the house but we managed to get some stellar fun time in as well, Loft Style!!! Let’s see, Grandpa took Ace & Kingston out for a mega cool day where they went swimming at 2 different beaches, out to eat, back to an aquatics pool, stopped by a skate park, ran around a recreational beach and had a ball in a Halloween store!! Phew, I am tired for him, just typing all of that. The boys are still talking about their mega-fun day with Grandpa! While they were off having an awesome time, we were able to have a day/night out in Kona town. They have added a few really nice establishments and clubs to the strip making it more thriving scene for all. We’re also thrilled to be able to reconnect with our dear friends, Randy and Kamalani. We kept up while we moved to the mainland but it is truly nice to be able to catch up in person. All in all it’s been pretty hectic yet fun, the last few weeks.

p.s. the boys got signed to a model/talent agency (Focus International–New Faces) and Ace starts basketball today…

Until next time, Many Blessings,


Big Island, Hawai’i Update | Loft & Learn

Aloha Everyone,

So we have been extremely busy with the farm and house restoration. This week the farm goal was to weed in between the coffee rows, cut the overgrown grass down (a large portion was taller than Ace & Kingston) and treat the trees for the future. Of course we managed to get some family fun in too at the beach!

Stay tuned for next weeks update…We are also focusing on the kitchen remodel…