Beautiful Boise, Idaho | Boise

I’ll Kick off the spotlight travel location with beautiful Boise, Idaho, USA!!

The friendly people of Boise have given us a such a warm welcome and for that we say Thank you!!

Fun Facts:

Idaho is a northwestern U.S. state known for its mountainous landscapes and vast swaths of protected wilderness and outdoor recreation areas. The capital, Boise, is set in the Rocky Mountain foothills and bisected by the Boise River, which is popular for rafting and fishing.

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With a population of about 15,000 Basque residents making up the Basque Block section of the city, Boise has the second largest Basque population in the United States

Every five years, Boise’s Basque Block throws a large Basque festival called Jaialdi.

Basque Museum
Basque is a language isolate ancestral to the Basque people. The Basque are indigenous to, and primarily inhabit, the Basque Country, a region that spans the westernmost Pyrenees in adjacent parts of northern Spain and southwestern France.


Idaho potato (Twice baked potato skins) don’t forget to head over to the around the house page to get  the recipe !

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