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Welcome to Loft & Learn!

Family pic Ace / Kingston

Well here we go, deep breath…thanks for taking a look!

Loft & Learn hopes to be a thoughtful and creative blog for the active and free-spirited parent. We are sharing our tips and advice that we have been given that are helping us raise confident, intelligent, kind, worldly Children.

Loft & Learn wants to highlight and salute ways that families are playing, learning and growing together!! So everything will be simplified. From tips and suggestions on traveling with kids, family activities, vacations, projects and volunteering in the community. The whole family will be able to get involved. We will be sharing our own experiences however “it takes a village” right? So we want to hear from you as well for tips and suggestions on how we can raise a new generation of Kind, intelligent, culturally aware kids!

Loft & Learn will target different locations around the World just to share little fun facts and increase knowledge of other areas. We will also discuss cool educational toys and products. Because it is a family site we will also include parenting tips on travel, shared ideas and recipes. All focusing on the simplicity of being able to make it fun, educational and something that gets the entire crew involved.

So please join our conversational “village” and enjoy our experiences and share some of your own. We welcome the input, in hopes of creating a society of bright, thoughtful and intelligent young minds that will soon be our capable leaders !

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