Travel Spotlight | Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. (Learning Family Vacation)

Travel Spotlight

As I mentioned before Ace & Kingston were fortunate enough to travel with the Stepters’ last summer. This weeks spotlighted location will be on Washington D.C. where they had a blast!
Ace and Kingston had a ball hanging with his cousins Cortney(CJ) and Michael (Cheeks) as well as Aunty Mern and Uncle Cleve and loved touring the monuments, especially the Space Museum.

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Fun Facts about Washington D.C.

Washington, DC is located in the mid-Atlantic region, about 90 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean, south of Maryland, north of Virginia and 233 miles south of New York City. The city is separated from Virginia to the south by the Potomac River

The city was founded in 1791. Georgetown, which is one of the city’s most famous neighborhoods, was founded before Washington, DC, in 1751. It was incorporated as part of the city of Washington, DC in 1791. Before Washington, DC became the capital of the United States, other cities that served as capital include New York City, Philadelphia and Annapolis.

Washington, DC is not a city or state, nor is it part of any other state. It is a unique “federal district,” created specifically to be the seat of government.

Washington takes its name from our first president, George Washington. The “Columbia” in “District of Columbia” stands for Christopher Columbus.


CJ was fortunate to return to D.C. for the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man march. She was so Excited and inspired to see so many people there to support from All races and backgrounds. --BF MM

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3 thoughts on “Travel Spotlight | Washington D.C.

  1. Ps. One of the cutest things was watching Kingston and his little legs run all around D.C lol
    I’m happy Ace and Kingston were with us, I don’t know if they still do show and tell in school but not to many kids will be able to show pictures of themselves inside the White House!!!

  2. Both times were amazing experiences! The first being there with my family in July and being able to tour inside the White House, the very house that the first black president himself lives in!!! And then the Million man march in October, also an amazing experiences. Millions of people all in one place fighting for true Justice. A peaceful event where everyone was so welcoming and happy to see one another. I had so many people come up to me and greet me as their sister, made me feel right at home. The last time I had been to D.C was probably almost 15 years ago so to go twice in 4 months was a blessing. It was also nice to be able to stop in Virginia on my way home to Atlanta to see my brother Michael (cheeks) 🙂

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