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What’s good for the goose may not be good for the gander!

Go Ace Go!
Go Ace Go!

That is definitely the case when wanting your child to share your interest in hobbies, clothes and taste buds. Let me tell you I learned that lesson quickly the hard way. I had a preconceived notion in my head that of course my child would enjoy the same things I did and cringe at the same things that made my skin crawl. But I realized pretty early with my son Ace that I could not have been more wrong. Yes even in the womb he exerted his independence. Let me tell you, from the beginning I should have known that I was in for it when after I had been on a vegetable, fruit and occasional chicken and fish diet for the better part of 10 years, along comes Ace and from my very first trimester on I could not satiate my craving for anything that did not say oink or moo. Folks I’m talking full on meat mania. The Idea of my perfect meal for the better part of 5 years (breast-fed both boys until at least 18 months) became a grand double burger smothered in bacon. How did this happen?

Well that was just the first indicator that we would have different taste in more than just food. Now that I have my body back all to myself and no longer have to provide milk I have reverted back to my original taste pallet I suppose. So dinner is often times challenging! Getting your child to eat what you won’t can be a bit of a pickle. Ace will eat eggs in any form or fashion, scrambled, over easy, poached, and hard-boiled.  Yet I haven’t had an egg part thru my lips in over 35 years.

Now let’s move on to hobbies, dancing comes as easy as breathing to me but Ace would rather practice his math homework than boogie down. By the way the odds of me doing math for fun would be the same as me signing up to jump out of an Airplane. (Which I would NEVER do) however it is high on his list because his dad Colin did it. Yikes. As I said, I’m in for it..

Moving on, I love amusement parks yet can’t stand to ride roller-coasters or bungee rides. But then there’s  Ace who is 5 now and was able to ride space mountain at the age of 4 (yes he met the height requirement) yet another difference between us, and he loved it. I just had to come to grips with the fact that although his idea of a good time would be zip lining while mine is listening to music, and you know what I have come to realize that it’s OKAY.

Realizing that he is his own unique individual and that we will no doubt have even more differences than me when he gets older, allows me to just get over it and appreciate those things and see that there are so many things in common that we share as well. I celebrate his interests and try to encourage them now, for that is what truly makes him happy and thrive. This helps Colin and I as parents get a better understanding of who he is and helps guide us with his development. We will certainly try to expose him to everything as much as we can but I will be conscious of not forcing the issue. I hope to let him be the judge of what he truly enjoys and how he wants to spend his time.

Family pic (Ace & Mommy)

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