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Make a snow globe.

Use strong glue to attach a plastic toy to the inside of a jar lid, then add baby oil and glitter for a homemade snow globe; it makes a fun souvenir of a great day.

5 things to do in the snow-family activities. Snow globe
Snow globe











Make Snow Angels

snow angels.
snow angels.









Build a Snow fort

Build an awesome snow fort

snow fort.


Cool Critters.

Use bits of nature to embellish animals sculpted from snow.

Creature a cool creature using nature as an aid


Catching snowflakes
Place a black sheet of paper into a freezer until cold. Take outdoors and use a magnifying glass to view snowflakes that land on the paper.

#catchingsnowflakes #activitiesforthesnow
#catchingsnowflakes #activitiesforthesnow