Hiking at Table Rock, Boise ID | Boise

Fun Pics of my guys Hiking Table Rock.

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Table Rock is a mountain pillar located just south-east of downtown Boise, Idaho, United States in the foothills of the Rocky Mountain

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Interesting and Sad history about this beautiful landmark that we learned of after our wonderful hike.

The Site was sacred to the Shoshone Bannock natives long before the encroachment of settlers. These aboriginal people held the rock sacred and occupied it in a number of fashions. They used it as a ceremonial meeting and healing ritual ground, and also took use of its surrounding hot springs, many of which have since dried up. A number of artifacts have been found nearby in the course of the construction of surrounding housing developments, including a number of obsidian knives. The site and its surrounding locale was also used as a burial grounds.

To this date, no honor or protection of any type is offered to the site, and it continues to be heavily vandalized as its sacred history is not mentioned on any plaque or signage of any type. Further archaeological significance is being seriously undermined as a result of this continuing widespread vandalism. Countless broken bottles and trash items litter the ground, and the butte itself is utterly covered in spray paint.