Sleeping Bear Dunes, MI | Travel

Sleeping Bear Dunes, MI

Ace and Kingston had an amazing time at the Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan this summer with Auntie Mern, Uncle Cleve, CJ and Grandma & Grandpa Ernest. They were able to help Ace celebrate his 5th Birthday!

As usual Auntie Mern turned it into a spectacular learning lesson and activity. Prior to going on the trip she read with Ace about the sleeping bear folklore so he could understand the Legend of the sleeping bear dunes and then when they arrived he had a completely different and unique attachment to what he witnessed.


Ace and Kingston, Sleeping Bear Dunes
Ace and Kingston, Sleeping Bear Dunes sbd sleepingbeardunes 4 sleepingbeardunes 5

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#kiddiebookclub #kbc #childrensbooksofculture
#kiddiebookclub #kbc #childrensbooksofculture


Michigan is famous for it’s Cherries..
Here is a great cherry tarts recipe from sleepingbeardunes 6




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  1. So much FUN! Thank goodness Ace and I only went half way down the big dune, otherwise we might not have made it back (lol). Especially after already carrying Kingston to the top of a different sand dune 🙂

    (Word of advice, don’t wear shoes when trying to climb a sand dune!)

  2. Hello Malaika I received your loft and learn edition featuring the sleeping bear dunes this is a great service you are providing keep the good work up. Your happy dad

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