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Great Tip For Infant Bath Time Fun!

So today must be Beautiful Sis Tip Tuesday! Here is the most amazing idea that I wish I could take credit for that my sister Marian came across…Auntie Mern passed this great idea on that she found on Facebook. It is a fantastic, creative, and very simple design that ensures your infant will not drown or be harmed in the tub but allows them more space to move around and have fun. Of course watching your little cutie at all times when bathing is imperative but this still gives them more freedom to enjoy themselves and play with bath toys. Most of the infant tubs out on the market are constrictive, small and don’t allow for your baby to play and move around. So kudos to the inventor for solving that problem in a safe manner! And Thanks to Auntie Mern for passing along this simple, fun yet effective safety tip!

Bath Time Safety
Bath Time Safety


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