The Loft & Learn December Challenge Kickoff! | Motivation

The Loft & Learn December Challenge Kickoff!

Okay Everyone the Day has arrived. it’s Time for the December Strong Challenge!!

I hope you all had time to really think about how you could finish off 2015 with the loudest roar possible.

Some of you have  written to me about personal goals, some about family goals. I am so glad to hear all of the feedback and wish everyone the best.

I am including the link to the previous post about the December Strong Challenge below in case some of you may have missed it.

As a special bonus I am including below a special treat for everyone. This clip by this young man named Apollos Hester is truly entertaining. Aside from his overwhelming sense of excitement, joy and utter lack or care of how others perceive him he is a man with a message that I believe we all need in order to achieve the difficult. When Colin (hubby) first showed me this clip I laughed hysterically at this interview and perhaps thought him to be a little nuts. But his message was so purposeful and inspiring and his delivery so on point and truthful that I downloaded it on my iPad and listened to it every single day for 4 months as I woke up at 3:35 in the morning to train for my first marathon in the mountains of Idaho. In between songs and during the times when I felt I could not go on or was defeated his interview would pop up in the rotation and it truly encouraged me to move on and finish my fight. I was successful and completed my marathon and I hope that together with Apollos Hester we can help each other conquer your goals as well!