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Bob Books Hints For Teaching Your Child To Read

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As you may remember in an earlier post Aunty Mern as well as Ace’s Kindergarten teacher are huge fans of Bob Books. I really wanted to pass along these very helpful suggestions about teaching your little one to read well from the Bob Books author. Learning to read should be fun and easy.

Here are Master Teacher Bobby Maslen’s suggestions for teaching children to read:

1.Read to your child. Choose books that you both enjoy.l Instill a love of books!

2. Play word games. Nursery rhymes, games, and songs will attune the child’s ear.

3. Play sound games. Think of a word that begins with M. Mmmmm. Mop, map, man, mog. Nonsense words add to the fun!

4. Pick a symbol such as moon. Say, “What do you hear first when I say moon?” The beginning sound is mmm. Practice other words.

5. Write words or stories dictated by the child. Make pictures to go along with them. Read the stories back to the child.

6. Sing alphabet songs, real or made up.

7. Encourage the child to scribble, write letters, and draw pictures.

8. Avoid criticism. There is no wrong way to be creative.

9. Play games with blocks, memory cards, and easy jigsaw puzzles.

10. Point out short words when you read. Ask the child to repeat them.

11. Be sensitive to the child’s attention span. Expect short practice times.

Hope This Helps!

Happy Reading