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It’s Always A Great Time For Family Bonding!

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Every day can hold an amazing family moment to remember. It’s true that you don’t have to plan a trip and spend thousands (although that’s nice) or travel to cool locations in order to enjoy each other. Yes let’s not forget that at the heart of a family getaway or family vacation is FAMILY.

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Do not waste another second not appreciating and enjoying your blessings to the fullest. Talk to each other, look each other in the eye and truly engage! Have a meaningful or fun conversation at breakfast, driving in the car, walking the dog, playing board games or before bath time. Take the time to enjoy what is right in front of you before time passes you by and you have to settle for phone calls and holiday visits. I often hear “enjoy your kids, because they grow up so fast” and you know what the cliché’s about parenting and motherhood are true. So I am having the best time living in the moment with not only my amazing young characters, but with their dad as well.

I really believe that it is important for parents to keep their love strong and fresh and  set good positive examples of what real meaningful love looks like. Don’t be afraid to share your joy, openly for the world to see. You can put the kids to bed and have a romantic dinner at home with lighting, music and wonderful ambiance for example to keeps things spicy and exciting. Use your imagination and be creative.

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Your home is truly your castle and your canvas so paint it the way you wish!! And yes having young children is demanding, daunting and chaotic but those things are easily diminished by the true joy, excitement, wonder and pure fun that awaits you on a daily basis. You can make every moment as magical as your heart desires. So Enjoy!!!