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Well It is now the end of July and we are safely and happily settled into our new home in Cary, NC. We plan on living in this amazing community until we move into our dream home on our land. We were overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude and joy as we were welcomed in to the neighborhood with a greeting chorus and wonderful people who rolled up their sleeves and actually helped us unload a U haul full of a four bedroom house well into the wee hours of the night.

I will never forget the smiling and welcoming faces that came to our aid that evening  in a huge act of kindness. Our children all met, and played with each other as we lifted box after box learning about each other in passing. As our kids played with such reckless abandon and sheer joy off meeting new friends we too learned of our new friends and they us. We discovered that although coming from different backgrounds, nationalities and ethnicities, we shared common interests and education to some degree. We are business owners, consultants, academy award winners, I.T. personnel, Graphic designers and more.

We went beneath the obvious surface to find out who we truly were as people. It was a magical evening that I hope is the beginning of life long friendships for the young and old..

With all of the current troubling issues we face in today’s times I felt that it was important to share of goodness and kindness. A tale of how when people truly put the outward division and judgements aside we can come together and we can teach our children by example to treat others how you would like to be treated. It is such a simple and golden rule that many adults have sadly forgotten. We don’t have to agree with one another to understand and appreciate one another. I for one am hopeful that as a whole we will not fall into the divisive trap of separating ourselves over matters of ill consequence and instead focus on a common goal of bringing more light and love into this world instead of darkness and despair.


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  1. Well Said!!! Glad and excited you have found a wonderful place to live! Can’t wait to visit. See you soon

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