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Welcome to Loft & Learn! I’m Malaika Amani,

I’m so glad you stopped by, here’s a little bit about me. I am a wife, mother of 2, serial entrepreneur, corporate sales trainer and some might add travel addict. I graduated from the University of Michigan with degrees in Communications and History. My Husband Colin (also a serial entrepreneur) graduated with honors from Michigan State University.

Sharing the same passion of faith, family and adventure, we have been exploring different locations, people, culture and ideology (on a budget) for almost ten years now. We invite you into our Loftus world now as we decided to make the final leap of leaving the mainland  for Hawai’i and living a more tailored life that suits our needs. We grew frustrated of trying to fit in a society that and lifestyle that didn’t seem to fulfill us and help us grow as individuals and as a family. After a lot of soul-searching, researching and prayer we realized that we along with God are the captains of our own sea and masters of our own ship. We are doubling down on putting our money and faith into restoring a coffee farm business and renovating a Hawaiian house into our dream home. This will take many years and lots of blood, sweat and no doubt tears to complete. But we are rejuvenated, optimistic, and certain that this was the right move to make. We invite you to share in our journey to not only find a new place to live but in creating our own personal “Eden”.

Here at Loft & Learn we will share  tips that we have gathered along the way for finding simple, fun and educational ways to entertain our bright little minds while we engage our souls!! Loft & Learn will cover our daily activities on Kona Loft Farms and also explore travel, culture and  education.  The key will be incorporating simple ideas, for traveling, family activities, recipes, and DIY projects that even the most UN-domesticated diva (such as myself) can master by combining simplicity with creativity. Loft & Learn will serve a little slice of our journey as we try our best to raise and educate two wonderful,  uniquely gifted boys of mixed heritage on the Big Island of Hawai’i.

So join the conversation! Follow us on pinterest and Instagram and twitter at malaika@loftandlearn and @konaloftfarm