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Welcome to Loft & Learn! I’m Malaika,

I’m so glad you stopped by, here’s a little bit about me. I am a wife, mother of 2, serial entrepreneur, corporate sales trainer and some might add travel addict. I graduated from the University of Michigan with degrees in Communications and History. My Husband Colin (also a serial entrepreneur) graduated with honors from Michigan State University.

Sharing the same passion of faith, family and adventure, we have been exploring different locations, people, culture and ideology (on a budget) for around the last nine years. We invite you into our Loftus village sharing tips that we have gathered along the way for finding simple, fun and educational ways to entertain our bright little minds.

Loft & Learn will cover how your daily activities and vacations can be educational and enjoyable for all!  The key will be incorporating simple ideas, for traveling, family activities, recipes, and DIY projects that even the most UN-domesticated diva (such as myself) can master by combining simplicity with creativity. Check out family friendly recipes from the Loftus Kitchen!

The idea for Loft & Learn  was inspired in part by my Parents and Grandparents who instilled a love of travel in me at a very young age. Secondly my sister Marian who is literacy teacher with the Lansing school district in grades Kindergarten to Third Grades, and prior to that was a first Grade classroom teacher for 30 years.  She has won awards for her extraordinary teaching technique and dedication. We were so fortunate last summer for her and husband Cleve to take our boys Ace and Kingston on a few “learning vacations” which I will discuss more about in later posts. While on these trips and through her educational toys and activities they had an amazing and yet productive summer!

Imagine this site as a group of old friends getting together with a glass of wine (or Naturally Kona Coffee) to discuss the latest and greatest about their kids’ education, activities, family volunteer efforts, vacations, money-saving tips, great book suggestions and much more. My sister Cheryl (the wonderfully gifted Do it Yourself Guru) along with my Husband Colin,  will also be contributing helpful tips for projects around the home.

We hope that one day within in the next few years you will be able to check out Colin’s blog for Building Your Own Dream Home! Chronicling our adventure of building our home from scratch from the conception stage, buying our land, then Building. Hold on Ace & Kingston we are in for a great ride!

Loft & Learn will serve a little slice of our journey as we try our best to raise and educate two wonderful,  uniquely gifted boys of mixed heritage.

So join the conversation! Follow us on pinterest and Instagram at malaika@loftandlearn


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