Leap Pad – 3 Reasons To Get One Now | Educational Toy & Game Review

Leap Pad – 3 Reasons to Get One Now

What Is A Leap Pad?

Leap Pad Fun for Kingston
Leap Pad Fun for Kingston

A tablet for children that is not only a teaching tool but a fun device that they will get hours of enjoyment out of.  However, it’s not just for the children. The Leap Pad is also a tool for parents that will help restore sanity and give you some much-needed silent time to collect your thoughts or give you a chance to tackle other things throughout the day.

Why Do I Recommend Leap Pad?

I believe that with Leap Pad you’re setting your child up for success by exposing them to educational technology at an early age.  Here are my top 3 reasons why the Leap Pad is awesome:

  1. Kid Safe Social Play -Leap Pad offers age appropriate material that helps to educate as well as entertain.  Being a parent that stresses education throughout the day, I can rest assured that my child is not just mindlessly playing video games that promote unhealthy ideals.
  2. Great Learning Tool – Besides being fun, the games are also educational, and promote learning.  I know that my child will be able to take content out of the games that they can use when it comes time for school.
  3. Captures Attention – The Leap Pad allows you some time to get things accomplished thorough out the day, and if you ever take kids on a road trip or to a restaurant it occupies them, enabling you to fully enjoy your experience.

leap pad fun



Who’s up for Sight Word Bingo | Educational Games

Sight Word Bingo by Learning Resources

loftandlearn.com sightword---

Looking for a fun game to play with your kids 2-6, then Sight Word Bingo is it by Learning Resources. This is a fun way to engage their growing minds while tricking them into practicing spelling and sight-reading.

BWAAA HAAA (that was my devious laugh by the way)



Fun with fisher-price | Fisher-Price Baby’s First blocks and Rock Stack Bundle

Fisher-Price Baby’s First blocks and Rock Stack Bundle

Fisher Price Stack BundleKingston

This Fisher Price toy has made it over 5 years and 7 different move locations! It was enjoyed by Ace and now is a favorite of Kingston’s. As I am typing this post Kingston is happily plugging away at it now.

This toy is an excellent way for you to have playtime with your tiny tot. It’s a great tool for them helping to improve their motor skills and early development and a fun way to bond. Playing with them emphasizing colors, shapes and textures can be fun for all parties involved.There is something about the simplicity and the colors that just grabs their attention for quite sometime.

There is a real sense of accomplishment from the months 6-8 when they are working on their hand/eye coordination and they place them in the correct shape. I love the look on their cute little faces when it drops down and makes the sound of triumph:). This toy is still useful and relevant when they are around 18 months when they are able to say the name of the shapes and place where they should go by sight.

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