Loft & Learn Celebrates!!! | National Teacher’s Day!!!

Happy National Teacher’s Day to all the amazing educators out there.

You are more valuable than all of the professions combined because you teach and inspire us all!!

In a family of educators on both my mom and dad’s side as well as teachers and healers from my in law’s side of the family, I say a deep heartfelt thank you, you are truly appreciated! And to my favorite teacher of all time Mrs. J (Choral teacher Hannah Middle School) you opened my eyes to my potential and I will forever be grateful.

In honor of National Teachers Day I especially wanted to share a letter that was written to my Sis Marian “Mern” Stepter recently from one of her past students!! Kudos Mern, I am so proud of you and it must feel so good to know that you have impacted a life in this way!!! You Rock Girl.

Quoted Letter Below:

“This is very out of the blue and I’m not sure if you remember me but you were my first grade teacher almost 20 years ago. When I came into your classroom I was a new student that didn’t speak English, had just immigrated into the country, and kept forgetting to write down her name on papers. You taught me to read my first book ad I still remember getting bags of chips for math problems that we got correct. You taught me countless life lessons and started my education in America off better than I could have ever asked for. I think back a lot on your class, my first American classroom ever, especially today as I’m completing my last class ever at Tulane Law School in New Orleans. I will be taking the bar exam in July and then starting my career as an attorney. I hope you are doing well and if you are ever in Chicago let me know, I would love to get lunch. My parents and I praise you to this day. Thank you Ms. Stepter.”



Happy New Year | 2017

2017 is upon us and it is time to dust off the laptop and get creative. At the end of November I decided to take time off from the blog in order to regroup and think of how I wanted to present Loft & learn creatively. In between that time and now we have traveled, visited family, and had my world shaken to its core when my beloved 14 year old niece was taken from us due to senseless gun violence. This act sent my family and I  into a tailspin of sadness and disbelief that forced us to reevaluate priorities and relay deeply on our faith and core values to stay afloat and grow stronger.

While attending Destiny’s funeral in Georgia, I had no inclination to post a blog about anything let alone everything. I was already at a crossroads of what to say and what I felt compelled to share. Now after entering the process of grief. Understanding , self-introspection and healing I am moved to just share as always , posts that are of interest or of meaning to us at this time.

Pairing down the loft and learn topics to Human Interest, The Loftus Kitchen, It’s Educational and Building a Life, overly simplify the groupings of where are interests lie at this time. I may not post as often but when I do I want each post to be useful, meaningful, written with love, concern and encouragement. I am reminded in every moment by my beautiful Niece’s Destiny’s passing that Life and how we choose to live it is not promised. Our greatest gift we can give ourselves and others is to be truly present. Treasure our blessings, seize the day and live as our inner child would desire. Live better, Laugh more and Love harder. These are my goals for 2017. I hope you will join me in this journey…

Many blessings,



R.I.H. Destiny