Loft & Learn Celebrates!!! | National Teacher’s Day!!!

Happy National Teacher’s Day to all the amazing educators out there.

You are more valuable than all of the professions combined because you teach and inspire us all!!

In a family of educators on both my mom and dad’s side as well as teachers and healers from my in law’s side of the family, I say a deep heartfelt thank you, you are truly appreciated! And to my favorite teacher of all time Mrs. J (Choral teacher Hannah Middle School) you opened my eyes to my potential and I will forever be grateful.

In honor of National Teachers Day I especially wanted to share a letter that was written to my Sis Marian “Mern” Stepter recently from one of her past students!! Kudos Mern, I am so proud of you and it must feel so good to know that you have impacted a life in this way!!! You Rock Girl.

Quoted Letter Below:

“This is very out of the blue and I’m not sure if you remember me but you were my first grade teacher almost 20 years ago. When I came into your classroom I was a new student that didn’t speak English, had just immigrated into the country, and kept forgetting to write down her name on papers. You taught me to read my first book ad I still remember getting bags of chips for math problems that we got correct. You taught me countless life lessons and started my education in America off better than I could have ever asked for. I think back a lot on your class, my first American classroom ever, especially today as I’m completing my last class ever at Tulane Law School in New Orleans. I will be taking the bar exam in July and then starting my career as an attorney. I hope you are doing well and if you are ever in Chicago let me know, I would love to get lunch. My parents and I praise you to this day. Thank you Ms. Stepter.”



New Year, New Attitude! | Thought Of The Day


So you know how you clean out your closets, garages and home every season? (well some of us) I want to try something different for myself in 2017. Yes I am cleaning out my toxins, negative energy and clutter in my life that just weighs me down. If you are like me every year we set a list off goals or have things we would like to achieve. Some of the goals may get checked off the list only to have to put them right back on your list for next year’s resolution. Well this year my focus is to achieve and maintain excellent health! Including securing mind, body, soul and finances.

I have written a very short list of 4 things that I am going to work towards this year and if an opportunity or miss-step presents itself to me and does not feed my quest for securing my top 4 then I’m simply going to kick it to the curb!! The choice will be simple because it will come down to a simple question. Does this help or hurt my quest? Following that model, I truly hope that 2017 turns a pivotal corner for my personal journey of finding my purpose and living my dream.

Already blessed with the best husband a girl could dream of and two truly amazing sons I often found myself saying I am so blessed I can hardly believe it. But still find myself yearning for accomplishments and success related  to our business hopes and dreams. Although it is tough struggling financially while we step out on a limb exploring new ventures we are reminded each day of the joy and love that is the core.And that we march to our own drummer while trying to create and build a life for our family. Sure, we are definitely ready to include a fancy night out on the town into our monthly routine, but until then..  we will certainly continue to have our game nights, and spend quality time together as often as we can because what we have is precious. . While there is nothing wrong in my book for a having big dreams and working towards them, but sometimes it gets hard and that is when you have to be the most appreciative of what you already have so the tough times don’t seem so hard.

Sometimes it is so easy to fall into a trap of forgetting that when you are constantly looking ahead to what’s next. So this year I am going to do my best to truly appreciate what is in hand and working on the business of loving, my life, my family, and myself. Happiness is a choice, so join me in making the right one!!!

Here’s to a healthier you–