Loft & Learn Celebrates!!! | National Teacher’s Day!!!

Happy National Teacher’s Day to all the amazing educators out there.

You are more valuable than all of the professions combined because you teach and inspire us all!!

In a family of educators on both my mom and dad’s side as well as teachers and healers from my in law’s side of the family, I say a deep heartfelt thank you, you are truly appreciated! And to my favorite teacher of all time Mrs. J (Choral teacher Hannah Middle School) you opened my eyes to my potential and I will forever be grateful.

In honor of National Teachers Day I especially wanted to share a letter that was written to my Sis Marian “Mern” Stepter recently from one of her past students!! Kudos Mern, I am so proud of you and it must feel so good to know that you have impacted a life in this way!!! You Rock Girl.

Quoted Letter Below:

“This is very out of the blue and I’m not sure if you remember me but you were my first grade teacher almost 20 years ago. When I came into your classroom I was a new student that didn’t speak English, had just immigrated into the country, and kept forgetting to write down her name on papers. You taught me to read my first book ad I still remember getting bags of chips for math problems that we got correct. You taught me countless life lessons and started my education in America off better than I could have ever asked for. I think back a lot on your class, my first American classroom ever, especially today as I’m completing my last class ever at Tulane Law School in New Orleans. I will be taking the bar exam in July and then starting my career as an attorney. I hope you are doing well and if you are ever in Chicago let me know, I would love to get lunch. My parents and I praise you to this day. Thank you Ms. Stepter.”



New Year, New Attitude! | Thought Of The Day


So you know how you clean out your closets, garages and home every season? (well some of us) I want to try something different for myself in 2017. Yes I am cleaning out my toxins, negative energy and clutter in my life that just weighs me down. If you are like me every year we set a list off goals or have things we would like to achieve. Some of the goals may get checked off the list only to have to put them right back on your list for next year’s resolution. Well this year my focus is to achieve and maintain excellent health! Including securing mind, body, soul and finances.

I have written a very short list of 4 things that I am going to work towards this year and if an opportunity or miss-step presents itself to me and does not feed my quest for securing my top 4 then I’m simply going to kick it to the curb!! The choice will be simple because it will come down to a simple question. Does this help or hurt my quest? Following that model, I truly hope that 2017 turns a pivotal corner for my personal journey of finding my purpose and living my dream.

Already blessed with the best husband a girl could dream of and two truly amazing sons I often found myself saying I am so blessed I can hardly believe it. But still find myself yearning for accomplishments and success related  to our business hopes and dreams. Although it is tough struggling financially while we step out on a limb exploring new ventures we are reminded each day of the joy and love that is the core.And that we march to our own drummer while trying to create and build a life for our family. Sure, we are definitely ready to include a fancy night out on the town into our monthly routine, but until then..  we will certainly continue to have our game nights, and spend quality time together as often as we can because what we have is precious. . While there is nothing wrong in my book for a having big dreams and working towards them, but sometimes it gets hard and that is when you have to be the most appreciative of what you already have so the tough times don’t seem so hard.

Sometimes it is so easy to fall into a trap of forgetting that when you are constantly looking ahead to what’s next. So this year I am going to do my best to truly appreciate what is in hand and working on the business of loving, my life, my family, and myself. Happiness is a choice, so join me in making the right one!!!

Here’s to a healthier you–


Kindness. | Community

 Good People. Kind Acts.


Well It is now the end of July and we are safely and happily settled into our new home in Cary, NC. We plan on living in this amazing community until we move into our dream home on our land. We were overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude and joy as we were welcomed in to the neighborhood with a greeting chorus and wonderful people who rolled up their sleeves and actually helped us unload a U haul full of a four bedroom house well into the wee hours of the night.

I will never forget the smiling and welcoming faces that came to our aid that evening  in a huge act of kindness. Our children all met, and played with each other as we lifted box after box learning about each other in passing. As our kids played with such reckless abandon and sheer joy off meeting new friends we too learned of our new friends and they us. We discovered that although coming from different backgrounds, nationalities and ethnicities, we shared common interests and education to some degree. We are business owners, consultants, academy award winners, I.T. personnel, Graphic designers and more.

We went beneath the obvious surface to find out who we truly were as people. It was a magical evening that I hope is the beginning of life long friendships for the young and old..

With all of the current troubling issues we face in today’s times I felt that it was important to share of goodness and kindness. A tale of how when people truly put the outward division and judgements aside we can come together and we can teach our children by example to treat others how you would like to be treated. It is such a simple and golden rule that many adults have sadly forgotten. We don’t have to agree with one another to understand and appreciate one another. I for one am hopeful that as a whole we will not fall into the divisive trap of separating ourselves over matters of ill consequence and instead focus on a common goal of bringing more light and love into this world instead of darkness and despair.


The Greatest | Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali



Thank you Muhammad Ali for being an instrumental inspiration for all of Humanity. You were a citizen of the world and your conviction, charisma and courage served as a beacon of light and hope in a world of confusion and cowardice. You shined a light on injustice as well as empowered many to express self-pride all the while entertaining us with every breath and movement. Your light and energy are a force to be reckoned with and the impact of your humanitarian efforts will be felt by mankind forever. You were truly a Giant among men.

Muhammad Ali Feature

Posts may be a little more sporadic due to our move.. | Loft & Learn

Loft & Learn

Due to the fact that we are heading out on our new adventure and moving cross country (again) to Lexington, South Carolina, Loft & Learn posts may be a little more sporadic this summer. My apologies. But if you would like to catch a daily glimpse of our move and journey, I will be posting more pics on a daily basis to the instagram account during this exciting time!!! Please follow on instagram at malaika@loftandlearn

Thanks and Happy Day!


Jan 23 loftandlearn Malaika & Kingston


It’s Moving Time!!! | Thank You Beautiful Boise Idaho!

It’s Moving Time…


As mentioned in the previous post we have decided to take our land search to Lexington South Carolina, a suburban city of Columbia. We have chosen to move here for several reasons including the excellent school district, outdoor activity, close proximity to Lake Murray and access to the city of Columbia.

While we are so excited to head to this amazing area of the country we have to bid a fine farewell to Beautiful Boise ID!

Thank You Boise!!!

Beautiful Boise loftandlearn

There are so many wonderful firsts that have occurred here in Boise that we will be forever grateful for. We completed our first year of school (kindergarten), ran a first, half & full marathon, started a life blog, started talking, completed first baseball season (love it) took our first major hike as a family of four as well as went river rafting & camping. Recovered from a major surgery, made new friends, learned to snowboard, climbed mountains, conceptualized the idea of our dream home estate and set the plans in motion and much more…

1st Baseball game and more 4.6.16 089

4.19.16 bball a&k

Bogus Basin Ski Resort Weekend Jan 2016 loftandlearn Kingston Popcorn Time!!!

Kingston BDAY weekend Jan 2016 loftandlearn 029

holidays 2015 loftandlearn Ace, K,C 2015 007 marathon 2015 015

Drive up to Bogus Basin Ski Resort loftandlearn

Bogus Basin Ski Resort Weekend Jan 2016 loftandlearn go Acey Fire!

Bogus Basin Ski Resort Weekend Jan 2016 loftandlearn Acey Fire

Bogus Basin Ski Resort Weekend Jan 2016 loftandlearn Ace..on my own 10 035

Feature Parenting Tips Kingston.

Kingston BDAY weekend Jan 2016 loftandlearn 023

volcano 19 Loftandlearn Avengers -Family Fun ! Halloween marathon.. Reading Is Fun -Ace Family Pics 11.1.15 055 Blog File-----Boise Zoo


boise-keep forests clean Blog File--Boise Zoo 005

boise family rafting

Linder Farms Pumpkin Patch Day 066

Linder Farms Pumpkin Patch Day 026

boise winter

Ace & Kingston


Boise Id, was such a beautiful, friendly, cool, hipster surprise. I will forever be grateful for the love and hospitality that we have experienced for the last year and look forward to returning to visit!

Thank you Boise!!!


Malaika @loftandlearn

It’s Always A Great Time For Family Bonding! | Just A Thought

It’s Always A Great Time For Family Bonding!

family bond loftandlearn

Every day can hold an amazing family moment to remember. It’s true that you don’t have to plan a trip and spend thousands (although that’s nice) or travel to cool locations in order to enjoy each other. Yes let’s not forget that at the heart of a family getaway or family vacation is FAMILY.

Family-bonding loftandlearn

Do not waste another second not appreciating and enjoying your blessings to the fullest. Talk to each other, look each other in the eye and truly engage! Have a meaningful or fun conversation at breakfast, driving in the car, walking the dog, playing board games or before bath time. Take the time to enjoy what is right in front of you before time passes you by and you have to settle for phone calls and holiday visits. I often hear “enjoy your kids, because they grow up so fast” and you know what the cliché’s about parenting and motherhood are true. So I am having the best time living in the moment with not only my amazing young characters, but with their dad as well.

I really believe that it is important for parents to keep their love strong and fresh and  set good positive examples of what real meaningful love looks like. Don’t be afraid to share your joy, openly for the world to see. You can put the kids to bed and have a romantic dinner at home with lighting, music and wonderful ambiance for example to keeps things spicy and exciting. Use your imagination and be creative.

family bond 3 loftandlearn

Your home is truly your castle and your canvas so paint it the way you wish!! And yes having young children is demanding, daunting and chaotic but those things are easily diminished by the true joy, excitement, wonder and pure fun that awaits you on a daily basis. You can make every moment as magical as your heart desires. So Enjoy!!!