Learning About The Human Body | Leap Frog Tag Reading Systems

LeapFrog LeapReader Interactive Human Body Discovery Set (works with Tag)

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Explore the Human Body
Discover how the human body works and learn to identify its many parts and functions through play and exploration. When kids touch the human body board, their Tag Reader “talks” them through body parts and traits. As young learners begin to understand their bodies, they can be empowered to make healthy choices. Fun songs further inspire kids to take a proactive approach to their health. Dental hygiene becomes fun when they do their two minutes of tooth brushing along with the interactive song, “Brush Your Teeth.” The “Washing Hands” song encourages kids to keep their hands clean, and the “Move Your Body” song emboldens them to get up and move.

Interaction Inspires Learning
Engage in play and learning fun while exploring facts about the human body, body systems (including the skeletal, digestive, nervous and muscular systems) health, nutrition and more. Silly sound effects, jokes, songs, and games help keep kids engaged and learning. With a tap of the Tag Reader, kids can hear the chart and stickers “talk” and explain fun facts about their bodies. Did you know that the three smallest bones in your body are all inside your ear? Did you know that tasty fruits have vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy? The Tag Reader illuminates these details with rich audio content and interesting sound effects: Facts about the heart are accompanied by the sound of a heart beating. Tag’s Interactive Human Body Discovery Pack also includes a Growing Body chart and sticker sheets to personalize each child’s learning. The Tag Reader interacts with the growth chart to track and announce children’s growth, and the interactive sticker sheets encourage kids to mark growth milestones (such as birthdays, losing a tooth and the first day of school).

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4.19.16 Body Book

Rocket Science!!! | Why You Should Get A Tandem-X Rocket Building Kit by Estes

Tandem-X by Estes

Build Your Very Own Rocket And Watch It Blast Off!!!Tandem X Rocket Building Set

What a great alternative to the regular family bonding or reading routine. The Tandem-X Rocket launch set is a sure fire way to keep everyone involved and excited about learning new things. It’s amazing to see just how curious and animated Ace gets while trying to figure out how to follow the instructions along with his dad in efforts to build something “super complicated cool” as he calls it.

Today with so many kids not being interested in math or science it is an awesome way to introduce complex sciences with out being stiffy. He is truly curious about how things can be put together and is learning fundamental theories such as relativity and Newton’s laws of motion and basic engineering.

The Tandem-X Launch Set is a great way to engage with your children while learning yourself (It’s amazing just how much fun science can be) believe me I used to be a skeptic and shut off to learning certain things but by explaining complex things in a simple and fun way, Tandem-X opens up a whole new world of fun and adventure!

Let’s Build A Rocket!!

Tandem-X K loftandlearn

Tandem-X Paint loftandlearn

Tandem-X painting loftandlearn

Tandem-X Rocket Blast Off! loftandlearn

Tandem-X Rocket day loftandlearn

Tandem-X Rocket loftandlearn

Tandem-X Rocket Science loftandlearn

Tandem-X SetUp 2 loftandlearn

Tandem-X setup


Tandem-X Launch Set Available On Amazon


Erupting Volcano Science Experiment!!! | The Magic School Bus

Erupting Volcano Science Experiment!!!

Wow what an amazing time everyone had with the Magic School Bus Volcano Erupting Kit

Volcano Science Experiment Feature loftandlearn

I highly recommend this for any inquiring young minds. Ace and Kingston both love to see how things really work and are fascinated by creating things and understanding why they operate.

Being that Ace has lived the majority of his life in Hawaii up to this point having access to live active volcanoes and lava tubes in Hawaii Volcano National Park for example or witnessing the close proximity of the stars at the beautiful Mauna Kea Volcano has peaked a natural interest in the science of how volcanoes work.

This Magic School Bus science project provides an excellent lesson as to how and why volcanoes exist and the depth chart of how far they journey below the earths surface. This cool kit comes equipped with a ton of info including, charts, booklets, graphs and more giving an extensive fun family lesson on the subject!!!

volcano 18 Loftandlearn

Volcano 1 Loftandlearn

Volcano 2 Loftandlearn

Volcano 3 Loftandlearn

volcano 4 Loftandlearn

volcano 5 Loftandlearn

volcano 6 Loftandlearn

volcano 7 Loftandlearn

volcano 8 Loftandlearn

volcano 8 Loftandlearn

volcano 10 Loftandlearn

volcano 11 Loftandlearn

volcano 12 Loftandlearn

volcano 13 Loftandlearn

volcano 14 Loftandlearn

volcano 15 Loftandlearn

volcano 17 Loftandlearn

volcano 19 Loftandlearn

volcano 20 Loftandlearn

Below are a few pics of us either in front of active volcanoes or Lava Tubes in Hawaii Volcano National Park

Volcano with Granpa Ernest and Grandma!





loftandlearn.com Hawaii Volcano


Magic Science! For Wizards Only.. | Scientific Explorer

loftandlearn.com jan Fun With Science


What an amazing time Ace (and Colin) have with this Magic Science Kit from Scientific Explorer.

You can make your own mysterious, shimmering magic wand! You can also learn about casting spells as you mix up bubbling, color-changing, glowing potions in your very own test tube cauldron. I strongly advise adult supervision! But beware it’s for Wizards only…

loftandlearn.com Scientific Explorer

loftandlearn.com jan 2016 Scientific Ex 2

loftandlearn.com jan Sceince Ex

loftandlearn.com jan Scientific EX

loftandlearn.com jan 2016 science fun