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Great Tip For Infant Bath Time Fun!

So today must be Beautiful Sis Tip Tuesday! Here is the most amazing idea that I wish I could take credit for that my sister Marian came across…Auntie Mern passed this great idea on that she found on Facebook. It is a fantastic, creative, and very simple design that ensures your infant will not drown or be harmed in the tub but allows them more space to move around and have fun. Of course watching your little cutie at all times when bathing is imperative but this still gives them more freedom to enjoy themselves and play with bath toys. Most of the infant tubs out on the market are constrictive, small and don’t allow for your baby to play and move around. So kudos to the inventor for solving that problem in a safe manner! And Thanks to Auntie Mern for passing along this simple, fun yet effective safety tip!

Bath Time Safety
Bath Time Safety


The 30 Day No-Fail Happiness Challenge | Loft & Learn

The 30 Day No-Fail Happiness Challenge

Happy Motivation Monday everyone. I hope you have all had an amazing holiday season thus far. December is coming to a close and for all of you who have taken the Loft & Learn December Strong Challenge I hope you stuck to your mission (whatever it was) and are in great shape, mentally, spiritually and financially. Thank you for the outpouring of participation. I heard from many of you challenging yourselves, to many fantastic things, big and small. So many goals including: losing weight, reading more, being more confident, taking more risks, quit smoking, spend more quality family time, finding your passion, starting a thank you journal, not caring so much of what others think and cooking more organically to name a few. It was touching to hear so many people joining together in the efforts of becoming stronger, better people.Whatever your mission was the goal was to set it and then achieve it with a positive outlook, dedication and a sense of community supporting you. That is what Loft & Learn is all about. Congrats Loft & Learn Village!

Now that we are in the right frame of mind to close out 2015 strong I have a new Loft & Learn Challenge for ya. I can credit this challenge to one of my favorite sites called As soon as I read this article by Emily Co I knew that I had to pass it on to my Village! So Starting January 1st I challenge all of you to join the 30 Day No-Fail Happiness Challenge!!! Click the link below to read the article from . Also in Tomorrow’s post I will have another absolute fantastic financial family year-long challenge to throw out to the Loft & Learn Village. This Challenge was presented to me by Cheryl our DIY guru (and my beautiful Sis)and it is a really good way for your family to focus as a whole on Saving. Wow, I’m so excited to share this one, Stay tuned!!!


Cheers to Happiness!