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Kiddie Book Club Weekly selections Dec.30

Kiddie Book Club Weekly selections 

Thanksgiving Reading Selections from Auntie Mern

“Giving Thanks” by Catherine Hapka

“Turkey Trouble” by Wendi Silvano

“The Great Thanksgiving Escape” by Mark Fearing

*All available at Scholastic

Thanks for the submission Auntie Mern!

Happy Reading.

Kiddie Book Club Weekly selections

Must Have Books for your Level 1 Readers!

Here are some books from our Puerto Rico Post!

Book  Juan Bobo and the Pig

Okay Everyone here are the latest additions to the Kiddie Book Club. They all have a Hawaiian theme!

Enjoy. Books Hawaii Books on Hawaii

Level One Reader Must Have!

Okay everyone here are the latest entries for our “Auntie Mern book club series”

These books are excellent for keeping Ace’s interest while teaching him how to read more complex words on his own.

They come highly recommended by Auntie Mern the educator and parents who want to see their children excited about reading!

I recently mentioned to Ace’s kindergarten teacher that he was currently reading these at home and she was ecstatic and said she will be incorporating these into her curriculum in the spring! 022

Great Halloween Reads! 025

Here are just a few of the books that Auntie Mern sent Ace & Kingston from Scholastic America For Halloween.

I will be featuring her recommended reads for Every Season, so stay tuned and Thanks Mern!