The Best Homemade Bread Recipe Ever!!! | Recipes ace.bread.

Best Bread Recipe Ever! 10.28-- 001 breadSo Ace and I just made the most amazing bread and it was  soooo Easy!

Yes folks for those who know us, you know that Colin is the chef in our household but I have become quite crafty in the kitchen myself by picking really simple recipes that I can make with Ace, my five year old son.

This bread recipe that I found from Literally, was so simple that I just had to pass it along. Please check out this link, Bake and Enjoy!


I made just a couple of simple changes to this recipe by adding Italian herbs, cheese and butter on top to make awesome Italian Herb & Cheese Bread. Oh my goodness it smells DIVINE!

Yummy! 10.28-- Bread



Sitting Bench (DIY) | Loft & Learn

Sitting Bench (DIY) design by Cheryl DIY Cheryl, BenchHere is  great idea for an outside porch bench or garden bench. You can stain or paint it as you like then just add the cushions of choice. Cheryl the “Do it all Momma” just made this bench for her Daughter Paco aka Dominique. It took her less than 8 hours to complete. Congrats again on your new home Paco!! And thanks Cheryl for the Design Idea!