Hot Parenting Tip! | Why spending quality time with everyone in the family, One on One, is so important

Why spending quality time with everyone in the family,One on One, is so important.

Quality time with each child is crucial for a healthy family dynamic. And also encourages high self esteem. Everyone likes to shine in their own lane and many of us feel comfortable doing different things. It’s fun to know that someone takes an interest and joy out of what we like to do as well. Every child is an individual and has their own hobbies and interests, so we should also try to schedule alone time with each child. Bonding with each child separately can really help the bonding process and overall understanding of each other. I notice that Ace really enjoys creating stories, and  building things with his dad. Colin even tries to take at least one day out where he and Ace can go somewhere to eat. Even if it is a fast food meal, or playing sports in the park, it is time set aside just for the two of them to bond.

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Ace and I get a kick out of going to the movies together, just the two of us (We love the Avengers). No one gets in the way of a dance party Jam session with Kingston and I and we also like to read together. It is truly fun and liberating relating to them separately on this level. It brings out the kid in me and is so a cool way for me to understand my two amazing boys for who they truly are.