It’s Moving Time!!! | Thank You Beautiful Boise Idaho!

It’s Moving Time…


As mentioned in the previous post we have decided to take our land search to Lexington South Carolina, a suburban city of Columbia. We have chosen to move here for several reasons including the excellent school district, outdoor activity, close proximity to Lake Murray and access to the city of Columbia.

While we are so excited to head to this amazing area of the country we have to bid a fine farewell to Beautiful Boise ID!

Thank You Boise!!!

Beautiful Boise loftandlearn

There are so many wonderful firsts that have occurred here in Boise that we will be forever grateful for. We completed our first year of school (kindergarten), ran a first, half & full marathon, started a life blog, started talking, completed first baseball season (love it) took our first major hike as a family of four as well as went river rafting & camping. Recovered from a major surgery, made new friends, learned to snowboard, climbed mountains, conceptualized the idea of our dream home estate and set the plans in motion and much more…

1st Baseball game and more 4.6.16 089

4.19.16 bball a&k

Bogus Basin Ski Resort Weekend Jan 2016 loftandlearn Kingston Popcorn Time!!!

Kingston BDAY weekend Jan 2016 loftandlearn 029

holidays 2015 loftandlearn Ace, K,C 2015 007 marathon 2015 015

Drive up to Bogus Basin Ski Resort loftandlearn

Bogus Basin Ski Resort Weekend Jan 2016 loftandlearn go Acey Fire!

Bogus Basin Ski Resort Weekend Jan 2016 loftandlearn Acey Fire

Bogus Basin Ski Resort Weekend Jan 2016 loftandlearn Ace..on my own 10 035

Feature Parenting Tips Kingston.

Kingston BDAY weekend Jan 2016 loftandlearn 023

volcano 19 Loftandlearn Avengers -Family Fun ! Halloween marathon.. Reading Is Fun -Ace Family Pics 11.1.15 055 Blog File-----Boise Zoo


boise-keep forests clean Blog File--Boise Zoo 005

boise family rafting

Linder Farms Pumpkin Patch Day 066

Linder Farms Pumpkin Patch Day 026

boise winter

Ace & Kingston


Boise Id, was such a beautiful, friendly, cool, hipster surprise. I will forever be grateful for the love and hospitality that we have experienced for the last year and look forward to returning to visit!

Thank you Boise!!!


Malaika @loftandlearn

3 Fall Camping Tips You Must Know | Camping

3 Fall Camping Tips You Must Know fall camping tips-


  1. Make sure to arrive at your campsite early. You don’t want to get caught racing the sun for light and warmth. Also Don’t unravel your sleeping bags until it is time to jump in at night because they could gather moisture and get super chilly. (We learned this the hard way)
  2. Make sure to pack extra warm clothes jackets and toilet items. Yes even in the woods. You experienced campers know how to set up an effective and environmentally friendly potty!
  3. Make sure to get your fire started early. There’s nothing like warming toasty hands and making s’mores. If you have a toddler make sure to keep them bundled up and occupied with a bag full of books and gadgets keeping them busy inside the tent before bedtime.

Happy camping!