3 Ways to Overcome Fears of The First Dental Visit. | Parenting Tips

Here are 3 quick tips that will help ease any fears of your little cutie’s first visit to the Dentist.

  1. Schedule the visit early. It is recommended that after a child’s 1st birthday they are able to go to the dentist just to get familiar. The dentist will not do anything invasive as most children don’t even have all of their teeth at this age but it allows your dentist the ability to check for any early red flags as well as ease your baby into the process of sitting in the chair and having foreign objects inside their mouth.
  2. If you have more than one child it is extremely helpful to have your dentist newbie observe how well the older sibling behaves. This I would say was the most helpful for Kingston. Watching his big brother Ace really comforted him and showed him that there was nothing to fear. The Dentist Office of Victory Dental here in Boise was extremely kind, gentle and friendly. The waiting office was stacked with toys and games and they even had a dvd on the ready hoisted up on the wall for the kids to watch while being looked at by the Dentist. This diverted both of the boys attention, it was awesome!
  3. The last tip would be to read a book about going to the dentist in advance to prep them and get them excited for getting a great checkup. They will make sure to brush their teeth at least twice daily making sure they don’t have any cavities. Here are a couple of good books prepping them for the big day!

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Hooray Ace, You Are In The No Cavity Club!
Hooray Ace, You Are In The No Cavity Club!