5 Great New Tips for your Disney World Adventure! | Family Travel

Hey Everyone,

Here are just a few quick new tips for those who are Mickey bound!!

First off there are so many guides and great tips already floating out there for Disney World so I will add just a few of my personal fav’s.

  1. For those traveling with toddlers and young explorers I highly suggest picking up a copy of the Hidden Mickey handbook and best kept secrets! It’s great for keeping things interesting and fun even while waiting in long lines or searching for things to do in between rides and activities.http://www.amazon.com/Hidden-Mickeys-Disney-World%C2%AEs-Secrets/dp/1937011291
  2. Make sure to be the very first to arrive at the park! The early bird truly does get the worm in the case of Disney world perks. Often the first to arrive gets easier access to the rides and even multiple turns on the most hard to get in attractions. Sometimes if lucky enough you can even enjoy a mini tour by the on duty employees! Buses start running about 2 hours before the park opens. If you want to make it to the park in time to be at the front of the line, you need to get on a bus at least one hour before the park opens. That will give you time to make it through security and still get up near the front of the park’s entrance
  3. I like to Fastpass the Electrical Parade. We get there 30 minutes early, chill out on the sidewalk, grab some Disney snacks, and enjoy a great show.
  4. If you have a birthday in your party make sure to stop by the customer service center at the entrance of the parks and let them know. They will give you a custom badge and often times employees will give and extra shout out or bonus if they see it on display.
  5. This one is for Parents only, Make sure to stop by the Polyenisian Resort’s Kona Cafe for your delicious taste of 100% kona coffee to give your day the boost you need for your day of fun! http://www.naturallykona.com


Have fun and submit your pics of your Disney Vacation to malaikaloftus@gmail.com  I would love to share!!



#Great New Tips for Disney World #vacation #travel
#Great New Tips for Disney World #vacation #travel