Leap Pad – 3 Reasons To Get One Now | Educational Toy & Game Review

Leap Pad – 3 Reasons to Get One Now

What Is A Leap Pad?

Leap Pad Fun for Kingston
Leap Pad Fun for Kingston

A tablet for children that is not only a teaching tool but a fun device that they will get hours of enjoyment out of.  However, it’s not just for the children. The Leap Pad is also a tool for parents that will help restore sanity and give you some much-needed silent time to collect your thoughts or give you a chance to tackle other things throughout the day.

Why Do I Recommend Leap Pad?

I believe that with Leap Pad you’re setting your child up for success by exposing them to educational technology at an early age.  Here are my top 3 reasons why the Leap Pad is awesome:

  1. Kid Safe Social Play -Leap Pad offers age appropriate material that helps to educate as well as entertain.  Being a parent that stresses education throughout the day, I can rest assured that my child is not just mindlessly playing video games that promote unhealthy ideals.
  2. Great Learning Tool – Besides being fun, the games are also educational, and promote learning.  I know that my child will be able to take content out of the games that they can use when it comes time for school.
  3. Captures Attention – The Leap Pad allows you some time to get things accomplished thorough out the day, and if you ever take kids on a road trip or to a restaurant it occupies them, enabling you to fully enjoy your experience.

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The Mozart Effect | Early Childhood Development

The Mozart Effect : Classical Music and it’s impact on brain development.

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It has been said that introducing classical music to a child even in the womb yields astounding results. Boosting intelligence, kick starting creativity and utilizing both sides of your brain are just a few of the amazing professed benefits.

I am not sure if this is true or not but I can tell you that I practiced this with both of my sons Ace and Kingston. And not only do they also appreciate all forms of music but I believe this really helped with their early childhood development and ability to learn and process things quickly. It also continues to help sooth my 22 month old Kingston through the night and encourages prolonged naps during the day.


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Sleep Well,

Experiment with different skin tones and facial features with popular Super Heroes | Child Development

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CJ(Cortney), a child development specialist in my village who happens to also be a great artist
sent Ace and Kingston several drawings that she made herself. She experimented with different skin
tones and features  for popular characters. I thought that was a fantastic idea for impressionable little ones (note to toy companies out there), this is a great way for kids of all colors to feel connected while aspiring to be super heroes themselves.

Kudos CJ!