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If you are like us, finding fun entertaining yet educational content for a toddler can be challenging but I think sometimes if you can’t find what you are looking for then that means you have to create it!

Yes if you are looking for innovative new fun activities to do with your children, sometimes the best thing you can do is wing it. Start the conversation with your child (This works well for kids 9 and under) about a fun game or story then just  go with the flow. You never know what activity can be created with just one line of a story like “It began long ago on a cold winter’s night…or The Pirate Ship had a long plank ahead staring out at a crystal blue ocean…Go ahead, I dare you to tap into your inner child and wing it.

The story could lead you to coming up with makeshift pirate costumes. Or maybe even having an astronaut puppet show with aluminum foil and Popsicle sticks. Who knows? Just put on your silly hat and let your imagination be your guide!

Happy Playing



Harris Family Reunion 2015, Atlanta GA | Family Fun

It’s a Harris Family Reunion!

Ace & Kingston had the most amazing time meeting and connecting with our Harris side of the family over the summer in Atlanta Ga! With most of the family originating from Pittsburgh then moving to Michigan, Atlanta, Texas and more the Harris family does the most amazing job gathering such a large family together year after year. Kudos to the organizers who make sure to pack in sports, activities, education, entertainment and lots of love!

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Summer Fun 2015 073

Summer Fun 2015 071

Summer Fun 2015 075


Summer Fun 2015 072


Harris Family Reunion

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Hiking at Table Rock, Boise ID | Boise

Fun Pics of my guys Hiking Table Rock.

loftandlearn.jpg kingston tr loftandlearn.com colin tr loftandlearn.com aceclimbing tr

Table Rock is a mountain pillar located just south-east of downtown Boise, Idaho, United States in the foothills of the Rocky Mountain

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Interesting and Sad history about this beautiful landmark that we learned of after our wonderful hike.

The Site was sacred to the Shoshone Bannock natives long before the encroachment of settlers. These aboriginal people held the rock sacred and occupied it in a number of fashions. They used it as a ceremonial meeting and healing ritual ground, and also took use of its surrounding hot springs, many of which have since dried up. A number of artifacts have been found nearby in the course of the construction of surrounding housing developments, including a number of obsidian knives. The site and its surrounding locale was also used as a burial grounds.

To this date, no honor or protection of any type is offered to the site, and it continues to be heavily vandalized as its sacred history is not mentioned on any plaque or signage of any type. Further archaeological significance is being seriously undermined as a result of this continuing widespread vandalism. Countless broken bottles and trash items litter the ground, and the butte itself is utterly covered in spray paint.




Great Family Photo from the Village! Riley Family in NYC | Family Photos

loftandlearn.com Riley Fam Village Photo

Awesome photo from the Riley Family!

I can see lady liberty off in the distance, cool shot!

I can’t wait to visit you guys in New York soon and get some famous Harlem Blue Beer (Julian Riley is the founder). Everyone must check out this amazing craft beer and story at http://www.harlemblue.com

Thanks for submitting the pic!! (What a beautiful Family)

Priceless. | Priceless

The cost of 2 pair of long distance running shoes. $200

The Hours spent training for a marathon.  200+

The cost of  healing aids, knee brace, marathon entry fee. $200

Having your sons full of pride and joy run up and greet you at the end of your 26.2 mile quest and run the last 100 meters with you to cross the finish line, PRICELESS.

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Great Job Colin, We are so proud of you!!

Game On!! | Game On

Game On!! Wolverines vs. Spartans

Michigan_vs_Michigan State

It is on my family and friends! Yes this Saturday has been renamed ”get your popcorn ready day” in the Loftus Household! There is not much more that I can say about the effects of this game every year but Intense!

I have to say that since growing up in East Lansing and having the majority of my family (including Husband) being loyal Spartans is tough. I grew up rooting my heart out for Sparty and still do, when not playing MICHIGAN! I will always have love for Green and White, HOWEVER, since graduating from the University of Michigan, Maize and Blue runs through my veins.

Colin (Hubby) and I have a ritual when  our beloved teams face off.  We try to be the first to wake up  and dress the kids on game day. There is always a bet of some sort with colossal ramifications on the line. Well fortunately for me Colin may be a little distracted this game day because he will be running the “The Freakin’ Fast Marathon Saturday morning in Boise, Id! So good luck to you Colin in the race, we will be cheering our hearts out for you but…

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So much fun and excitement wrapped up in a sporting event, I just Love it.
Here are a couple of game day recipes for you to enjoy from two of my favorite recipe sites ,The girl who ate everything and Divas can cook. I have included their links below. I can’t wait to make these this weekend, Yum!

double decker taco cupcakes


hot pizza dip--recipe


Game On!