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Keystone, Colorado. Amazing Family Ski Trip keystone 2
Ahhhhh, well what can I say about my first attempt on ski’s?…

Disastrous. But Spending Time with the Loftus Fellas (Colin’s Brothers Sean & Ryan and Sister n law Amy and their sons Jack and Dylan was so much fun! Colin’s Father and his life long buddies always gather in this stunning ski town and we were fortunate to be able to join them on this amazing trip. keystone 3 keystone 2

Also Great for summertime fun! keystone 4
It was a quaint little town with boutique family restaurants for the evening and lots of great hot coffee in cool ski resorts. There were so many things to do, even if you have vowed to never put on ski’s again like me (maybe I’ll try snowboarding)they had plenty of snowboard and ski lessons for kids, as well as hot tubs and hip and comfy ski lodge lobbies for entertainment. I can’t wait to return, only this time I think I’ll skip the ski’s and hit the ice skating rink followed by the hot tub with a glass of Champagne!

Here are a few fun facts about Keystone courtesy of Wikipedia:

Keystone consists of three mountains named Dercum Mountain, North Peak, the Outback, and five Bowls (Independence, Erickson, Bergman, North and South Bowls) for skiing at every level. The first three mountains mentioned connected by a series of ski lifts and gondolas. Collectively, the mountains form the largest operation in Colorado to offer night skiing, where several trails are lit by large floodlights, and lift operation can run until late into the night. Night skiing takes place after sunset until as late as 9 p.m. on as many as 15 of the resort’s trails.

Keystone is known also for its five-acre resurfaced skating lake, sleigh rides and many Zagat-rated four- and five-star restaurants. There are over 3,000 condos in Keystone, all within a short walk or free shuttle ride to one of the two base areas called River Run (newest) and Mountain House (Original, less crowded).

In summer, Keystone also is a home for lift access mountain biking, biking parks, and hundreds of miles of single-track mountain biking.

Here’s a cool site that has info on keystone’s summer festivals.


Recipe for Colorado Mexican Pizza courtesy of



5 Great Winter Family Vacation Options | Winter Family Vacation

Here are 5 awesome winter vacation options for a family affair!

We had a blast at each one and I’m sure you will too!

Keystone, CO (Ski wonderland for families)
Orlando, FL (Disney World, Universal Studios) Mickey Mouse. Enough Said.
Nassau, Bahamas, (Atlantis Resort) This resort has it all.
Maui, HI (fun adventures for everyone in the family) Simply Paradise.
Key West, Florida (Laid back tropical feel yet within driving distance for some)

Each Selection has a ton of options for everyone in the family from entertaining little ones to fine dining and spa relaxation for adults. Whether you are looking to chill by the fireplace or relax by the pool, you can’t go wrong with any of these suggestions. So pack your bags, have a great time, and don’t forget to send in your pics to . We would love to put your vacation pics on spotlight!!