Fun Times At The Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze | Field Trip

What a day at the pumpkin patch!!

Thank you to the Green Acres Farms & Pumpkin Patch for showing us the most amazing good time!! I can’t believe it’s already been a year since we posted from the Linder Farms pumpkin patch in Beautiful Boise, Idaho.

Now a year later we are continuing the Loftus family tradition of enjoying every bit of the Farm in Cary, NC. We had a ball enjoying the bounce houses, tractor rides, corn maze, hayrides, games, food and more!!

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It’s Time For A Field Trip!! | Pullen Park

Loft& Learn Field Trip

Pullen Park!!

Play time just isn’t like it used to be..The stakes have been upped. We were very fortunate to get invited for a Play date at Pullen Park with our new Friends. We had an amazing time and can’t wait to return!

img_20160924_102022030 img_20160924_102357105

Below are some cool facts about Pullen Park provided by wikipedia.Make sure to check it out when you are in the Cary/Raleigh area!

Pullen Park is a 66.33 acres  public park in Raleigh, North Carolina west of downtown, adjacent to the campus of North Carolina State University, between Western Boulevard and Hillsborough Street. The park features picnic areas, a concessions stand along with several small rides including the Pullen Park Carousel, train, and kiddie boats. Pedal boats are also available for rent seasonally on the park’s large pond. The Pullen Aquatic Center, Pullen Arts Center and Theatre In the Park are also located on the park grounds. It is one of the most famous and known parks around the Raleigh/Durham area.


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Fun Day On Campus! | University of South Carolina


      Usc Ace on Campus loft & learn

What a fun day we had touring the University of South Carolina in Columbia. It’s important to us to expose our boys to museums, parks, and many other educational outlets, but none as important than higher education. We often like to visit college campuses during our travels subconsciously introducing them to life on campus.

I believe exposing them to this type of diverse environment at an early age,plants seeds of what life will be like for them down the road. Watching kids reading out on the lawn while catching sun,  where others are gathered in discussion nearby, or a group gathered for fun sports shows them just a peak of the many great benefits and joys of higher education aside from the obvious. We had a picnic and a ball on campus!!!

Usc The fellas loft&learn IMG_20160701_141426 Usc Daddy & Kingston loft&learn USC loft&learn Ace