Why it is important to include your kids in your quests and accomplishments | Family Goals

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Just like we set goals for our kids I think it’s important for them to see us as parents set goals for ourselves and then work hard to accomplish them as well.

So For Ace (5 years old) he knew just how hard we worked and trained for our marathon for example. And when it was finally complete he was able to see the true joy and sense of accomplishment on our faces and he shared the same sense of pride.

Ace always talks with such excitement of how his Dad got out and worked hard to restore the coffee farm in Hawaii.  One day he will surely appreciate how tough it was for Colin and his Dad to envision, purchase, restore and grow the Naturally Kona coffee business among other ventures. This Loft and Learn blog as well as my dedication finish something that was well out of my comfort zone(marathon) was hopefully another example to Ace on how any goal is obtainable with passion, a good plan and hard work.

Explaining to Ace why Mommy and Daddy were training tirelessly often starting at 3:15 in the morning for my first marathon was crucial for him to understand the difficulty and severity of what I was trying to accomplish for the first time after having two kids. Ace knew that his dad had completed several races including triathlons’ in the past but training again after 10 years had passed was not a piece of cake for him either.

So when we finally not only finished training but I completed a half marathon and full marathon within 4 weeks and Colin 2 full marathons in 6 weeks meant so much more to us than just a silly race. For me it symbolized the possibilities of no limitations. I truly believe that involving our boys in our hopes and sometimes fears of the entire process helped them to feel apart of the journey. And thus they shared in the accomplishment!

So whether it’s a diet, tough book you‘ve been planning to tackle, Saving for a new house, going back to school to get an advanced degree or just taking classes in an area of your interest, involve your kids in your process to show and teach them by example what it feels like to work hard and accomplish something that means a great deal to you. Everyone will benefit if you do!



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