We are moving over to Kona Loft Farms!!!! | Loft & Learn is Now Kona Loft Farms

The Loft & Learn website is officially going to be apart of the Kona Loft Farms Brand! . I am so honored and thrilled to have my loyal followers who have been with me since launching as just a family update site in Boise, Idaho to North Carolina, to back to the Big Island of Hawaii!! As with most things in life there comes a time to expand and and evolve, and that is what is happening. Colin and are going to tackle a few more topics and share a bit more in terms of our business and philosophy on Kona Loft Farms. So please continue to follow on the Kona Loft Farms site and blog as we continue to give updates on the family business, life in Hawaii and our take on all things Loft!!

So please head over to www.konaloft.com

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Love to all and see you soon!

Malaika Amani