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Wow what a fast blur the last 12 days have been! We made it back safely, thank goodness, from our cross-country road trip. Our search for land to build our home proved successful in the fact that we believe we have narrowed down our search for locations. There were 2 or 3 areas in particular that we could definitely see ourselves planting roots.

It was an amazing and eye-opening experience and I am grateful to have been able to explore different parts of the country and meet new friends! We looked at several properties in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia after dropping our boys of at Grandma Gaga’s House in Palos Heights, IL. Along the way driving from Boise Idaho we stopped in the following states: Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia.

Ace and Kingston had a wonderful time hanging out at Grandma’s House and doing all sorts of fun things including going to the movies, Going to Fun zone, playing with their cousins Jack and Dylan and going to the Museum of Science and Industry.

I will be blogging a few separate posts covering the entire trip. This first post will cover some pictures from our time in Kentucky!! Kentucky had Thoroughbreds, Distillery’s, friendly people and a deep love for the University of Kentucky…

LLS Kentucky, Cadiz

LLS Kentucky, Eagles Ridge..M

LLS Kentucky, Eagles Ridge, Sign

LLS Kentucky Eagles Ridge,

LLS Kentucky, Small town, Photo grab, M

LLS Kentucky, murray state


LLS Kentucky, Equus Winery

LLS Kentucky, Winery, Gazebo

LLS Equus Winery, Malaika

LLS Kentucky, Woodford Reserve Distillery

LLS Kentucky, Equus Winery, Lexington

LLS, kentucky woodford

Loftus Land Search March 2016 loftandlearn 060

Loftus Land Search March 2016 loftandlearn 061

Loftus Land Search March 2016 loftandlearn 063

Loftus Land Search March 2016 loftandlearn 075



Our Journey To Building Our Home Has Begun!!! | Land Search

Happy Good Friday!!!

The Journey to Build Our Dream Home.

Dream Home Build
For those who know us personally, you know that we are nomads and love to travel, explore and learn about different places and cultures. Although we love to travel and explore our ultimate dream is to buy land and build our dream home, where we can have our input in everything from the views, landscape design, house build, décor and more. (Even making the majority of our own furniture!)
Our vision is to have a fruit orchard and small wine vineyard as well as a large garden that can support suitable sustainable living. Yikes, we know this is a major task but we are excited and up for the challenge. The thought of providing our sons with an amazing play area of nature and comfort while they grow is essential to us almost as much as including them in on the building process, a true team effort. Go Loftus Crew!
Right now we have the butterflies, anxiety and excitement of beginning our process. The second step for us is locating our ideal location for our creative home building journey. The First step was deciding what type of home we wanted to build and how we wanted to pay for it. We have been saving for the last 8 years and have decided to do a lot of the work outside of the Basement, foundation & Framing work ourselves. It was important for us to know that financially we would have everything in place should we need to take out a small mortgage and due to owning a couple of different business’ over the last 8 years a tight budget will DEFINITELY be in order.
We have lived in Hawaii, The Caribbean, Mexico, Bradenton, Miami, Chicago, New York and Michigan. And although we loved living in Hawaii, it is a bit too far for us from the majority of our family members to live permanently. So while we look to schedule more frequent trips to Hawaii to help with the Coffee Farm (Naturally Kona) we are focused on building a home somewhere within a 12 hour radius from Either Michigan/ Illinois in the north or Florida in the south.
Another item on our checklist for our land search is suitable land for residential building with no restrictions and total ownership of land including all mineral and surface rights. Because of our desire to farm the land as well as sell some of the timber, we have to make sure that our land is suitable for building, has no restrictions and is also affordable to us. With all of those things in mind that seems to leave us focusing on the following states, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia. Of the utmost importance is a great environment and community to raise and educate our boys, so researching communities and school districts or private schooling is key.
Now that you all know our criteria and thought process here are the states that we will be focusing on in our search and heading out for our cross country spring break adventure to scout land! We currently have a list of land options and realtors working with us and are currently in the midst of a cross country road trip to scout land and get a first hand look at the land and potential environment for our Loftus Estate. Join us as we begin this process and begin the dream of building our home. We welcome any ideas, words of wisdom and expertise, this will be a very long journey and we will keep you posted…
Our next post on the subject will be a progess update on our first scouting expedition. During Ace’s spring break we will be traveling from Idaho to Illinois to Visit Grandma Loftus first and then on to scout land in N.C, Virginia, Kentucky & Tennessee.. Make sure to tune into the new loft & learn page of “Journey To Build Our Dream Home” for more updates as we will try our best to keep you informed each step of the way!

Until next time…Live, Love, Laugh and Learn

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