Loftus Land Search***Virginia | The Journey Continues…

Home Sweet Home???

Beautiful Virginia!

The last stop of our spring break scouting trip was the beautiful state of Virginia.

We were pleasantly surprised at all of the scenic and spectacular views of Eastern Virginia! We loved it so much so that we have narrowed down our search to a small area in Virginia as well as North Carolina. So although we did not find our exact land this time, we are hopefully much closer to building our home!!

Stay tuned…

LLS Virgina, Feature

LLS Virginia Land

LLS Virgina, Land, M

LLS Virgina

LLS Virginia Land Search

LLS Virginia. Land.


Loftus Land Search*** North Carolina | The Journey of Building Our Home

Gorgeous North Carolina!!!

After scouting land in Kentucky and Tennessee we scooted on down to North Carolina. Starting off near the North Carolina / South Carolina border, then headed up towards the beautiful inner banks. North Carolina quickly shot to the top of the list!!! Stunning.


LLS North Carolina State Sign

LLS North Carolina, Beautiful Property  LLS North Carolina, Fairmont Lake View

LLS North Carolina Land Search..Fairmont

LLS North Carolina, Fairmont, Guest Home

LLS North Carolina, Fairmont..

LLS Beautiful North Carolina


LLS North Carolina, Fairmont..

LLS North Carolina, Mexican Restaurant

LLS North Carolina, Mexican MealTime

LLS North Carolina, Riversound Booklet

LLS North Carolina, Inner Banks Riversound

LLS North Carolina Inner Banks

LLS North Carolina Inner Banks, RS

LLS North Carolina, Inner Banks,C&M

LLS North Carolina, Inner Banks, RS clubhouse

LLS North Carolina, Inner Banks, River

LLS North Carolina, Inner Banks , river,Riversound


Loftus Land Search***Tennessee | The Journey Of Building Our Home

After looking at property in Kentucky we then headed on to Tennessee where we met the nicest people, Realtor Julia White and her Husband. They had a few different locations to show us and we are so grateful for their hospitality, research and patience.

LLS Tennessee ..LandSearch LLS Tennessee Land Feature loftandlearn

LLS Kenutcky, Eagles Ridge..

LLS Tennessee Sign

LLS Tennessee Realtor

LLS Tennessee, Land, M

LLS Tennessee Property..LandSearch

LLS Tennessee Land.



Loftus Land Search***Kentucky | The Journey of Building Our Dream Home

Wow what a fast blur the last 12 days have been! We made it back safely, thank goodness, from our cross-country road trip. Our search for land to build our home proved successful in the fact that we believe we have narrowed down our search for locations. There were 2 or 3 areas in particular that we could definitely see ourselves planting roots.

It was an amazing and eye-opening experience and I am grateful to have been able to explore different parts of the country and meet new friends! We looked at several properties in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia after dropping our boys of at Grandma Gaga’s House in Palos Heights, IL. Along the way driving from Boise Idaho we stopped in the following states: Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia.

Ace and Kingston had a wonderful time hanging out at Grandma’s House and doing all sorts of fun things including going to the movies, Going to Fun zone, playing with their cousins Jack and Dylan and going to the Museum of Science and Industry.

I will be blogging a few separate posts covering the entire trip. This first post will cover some pictures from our time in Kentucky!! Kentucky had Thoroughbreds, Distillery’s, friendly people and a deep love for the University of Kentucky…

LLS Kentucky, Cadiz

LLS Kentucky, Eagles Ridge..M

LLS Kentucky, Eagles Ridge, Sign

LLS Kentucky Eagles Ridge,

LLS Kentucky, Small town, Photo grab, M

LLS Kentucky, murray state


LLS Kentucky, Equus Winery

LLS Kentucky, Winery, Gazebo

LLS Equus Winery, Malaika

LLS Kentucky, Woodford Reserve Distillery

LLS Kentucky, Equus Winery, Lexington

LLS, kentucky woodford

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Loftus Land Search March 2016 loftandlearn 061

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