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It’s Always a great time when Betty & Grace are around!! We had such a ball hanging out last week. Thanks for visiting us while also visiting friends on the outer banks of N.C. Of all the weeks it just so happened to be when Hurricane Matthew was roaring. So glad that everyone was safe and we were able to have an amazing time! Thanks for visiting and can’t wait until the next time!!

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5 Things you can do Right Now and For Free to Revive Your Home Decor and Perk Up Your Attitude. | DIY BF (5 Things) DIY

5 Things you can do Right Now and For Free to Revive Your Home Decor and Perk Up Your Attitude

Reorganize your pantry.
You will be amazed how pleasing it can be to open that normally cluttered space to find pleasing items organized in a tidy manner. It May even make you a little more excited to prepare tonight’s meal.
Place a new sheet set on your bed & guest rooms.
If you have multiple colored sheet sets then go switch it up and add new flowers, waste basket or pillow shams (all could be borrowed from another room in the home) or tucked away in your attic, then Voila, you have just redecorated!
Paint just One Accent Wall
Do you have any paint in your garage? Well then put it to good use and paint an accent wall to a small area such as laundry room, entry way or closet. This adds so much pop and takes very little fuss.
Bake something.
Do a major clean & then bake some type of baked good and set the plate out on the kitchen. It will not only make your house smell like a million bucks, but may give off the feeling of newness like an open house.
Get rid of the clutter.
Get rid of your clutter!! Go Ahead and plow through your closets, ALL of them and the Garage. When you are finished placing all of the items neatly in packed boxes, take them to a nearest shelter or goodwill. Not only will your home be free of clutter but you will have an amazing feeling of happiness when you enter your home again knowing you have done something positive to help someone else.Well Done.

Priceless. | Priceless

The cost of 2 pair of long distance running shoes. $200

The Hours spent training for a marathon.  200+

The cost of  healing aids, knee brace, marathon entry fee. $200

Having your sons full of pride and joy run up and greet you at the end of your 26.2 mile quest and run the last 100 meters with you to cross the finish line, PRICELESS. 10 030 10 029 10 035 10 004 10 033

Great Job Colin, We are so proud of you!!