Well The Loftus Land Search has finally come to an end… | Aloha!!!

Hello to all of you who have been following along on the Loftus Family Search journey with us as we look for our land to farm and build a life on. We started out last year with our cross country journey from Boise Id and looked at land in Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina eventually travelling north and seeing property in Maine as well as crossing the border into Canada to view land in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. We pulled up stakes in beautiful North Carolina for the last year where we really did make a run at seeing if this could be our forever home. After enjoying the beautiful atmosphere and meeting new life long friends we have decided that Hawaii is now our home. And look forward to embracing everything the Hawaiian Life style and culture has to offer. Ace has never stopped referring to Hawaii as is home as this is where he has spent the majority of his like and his younger brother Kingston was born there.

Although we will miss being close to family and friends on the mainland, we look forward to our new lives as Home owners in Paradise. Coming soon we will continue to post about our journey to remodel our dream home and launch our new venture “Loft Farms” where we will cultivate grow and maintain 100% Kona Coffee, Lavender, Wine from our vineyard as well as Fruit Orchard and Gardens. We would love to eventually add our venue on the tour circuit where people can use the grounds as a wedding or event venue or just tour the grounds and have a hands on experience picking their own coffee cherry, Lavender bundle or fruit etc…


The next couple of months will be extremely hectic as we are preparing for our huge move in just 4 weeks! Please forgive the sporadic posts on the blog but continue to follow along on instagram for our daily posts of life leading up to our big move including our Family Reunion Cruise, Trip to Disney World, Road Trip to Chicago and Michigan and finally our cross country road trip to the Grand Canyon where after that we drive to San Diego to catch our flight to the Big Island. We are a little nervous but mostly ecstatic about our new chapter of our journey. Thank you all for sharing this journey with us. And definetly don’t forget to follow Ace & Kingston as they continue to post on “The Kids Loft” youtube channel, (Hawaii Style)

Until next time…With Love

Malaika @loftandlearn


Just A Slight Change Of Plans…. | Cary, North Carolina

Loftus Family On The Move

Beautiful North Caroina Feature

Well here we are again with another slight change of plans!! We were all set to settle in the Lake Murray South Carolina area and then spent some time in the Raleigh Areas of Cary and Apex and fell in love with the beautiful and progressive towns. Having  After a few promising land scouting trips we discovered that North Carolina suited all of our needs a little better.

Having so many top Universities in close proximity really provides a wonderful blend of educators, outdoor enthusiasts and fun-loving people. Apex , N.C. was even voted the absolute #1 best place to live in America. So we figured we just had to give it a shot. We have spent the last week meeting people, looking for an immediate place to live for the next year or two while focusing on a home build and researching and visiting schools!!! Phew…

Of course we still managed to have fun while working on getting situated by celebrating the 4th of July as well as having a blast with our Cousins from Atlanta who came to Raleigh for a visit. Wow, can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next few weeks….

North Carolina Loft & Learn IMG_20160704_114816544 IMG_20160704_131340519_HDR IMG_20160704_132657216 IMG_20160704_132754744 IMG_20160704_132804730 IMG_20160704_133331958 IMG_20160705_141610 IMG_20160705_143602 IMG_20160705_144517 IMG_20160705_190306 IMG_20160705_141643606 IMG_20160705_144655132 IMG_20160705_150512052 IMG_20160705_150723774 IMG_20160707_190542 IMG_20160707_191120 IMG_20160707_135306499 IMG_20160708_204751428 IMG_20160708_212234316 IMG_20160709_081846 IMG_20160709_070129836 IMG_20160710_073815


Our Whirlwind Last 6 Weeks!!! | Loftus Road Trip

Loftus Road Trip

Wow, to say the last several weeks have been jam packed would be the understatement of the year! Let’s see it started out with unexpected yet very successful hysterectomy surgery. Followed by recovery, Baseball season wrap up and ceremonies, Kindergarten graduation, packing up a four bedroom house, driving a car and a Budget rental truck from Boise Idaho to Chicago. Spending wonderful time with Colin’s mom Wendy, other wise known as Gaga! Then meeting Auntie Mern in Indiana where she picked up the boys and kept them for a week before meeting us in Washington D.C.

IMG_20160430_205504 IMG_20160504_093010974 IMG_20160603_092737389 IMG_20160603_110520696

IMG_20160603_114711476_HDR IMG_20160603_122642088  IMG_20160603_122930081_HDRIMG_20160606_043116 IMG_20160605_221417 IMG_20160604_184452977_HDR IMG_20160604_184330773 IMG_20160604_160638999IMG_20160607_143632906 IMG_20160608_112107799_HDR IMG_20160609_120627176 IMG_20160609_135352007 IMG_20160608_114348126 IMG_20160609_121431523 IMG_20160609_121101866 IMG_20160609_141229361


The same day we dropped the boys off with my sister Mern, we then kept driving down to Lexington SC. where we unloaded all of our things in a storage unit and began looking for places to stay while we ultimately search for our Land to start building. Already having done research on school systems we are pretty focused on about 6  schools which narrow our immediate home rental search down a bit. We find a few possibilities but after 3 days of looking now get ready to head north again to hook up with the family in D.C and then head to my cousin Jeana’s High school graduation in West Orange New Jersey!!

IMG_20160616_143224657 IMG_20160616_143344013 IMG_20160616_144420215 IMG_20160616_144458882 IMG_20160616_152935038 IMG_20160616_153032025


IMG_20160617_185247963 IMG_20160617_183448987_HDR IMG_20160617_175918180 IMG_20160617_185451360

After spending the day in D.C we head to my Uncle Butch and Sherry’s beautiful home in Jersey meeting up with several family members and then head to New York City the following day to check on my nephew Shemaiah who was recovering in New York Presbertyrian Hospital from a baseball injury suffered right before his championship game. (Sending love and light your way for a speedy recovery Shemaiah)

Then we headed Uptown to Harlem, to visit our dearest friends The Riley’s who also happen to be the owners and founders of Harlem Blue Beer! We met up with them at the “Corner Social” restaurant in Harlem where we were able to catch up and enjoy amazing craft beer in an awesome setting. What an amazing night this was!!!

Then the following day we enjoyed our cousin Jeana’s awesome graduation party in West Orange. They pulled out all of the stops and was a wonderful fun packed party with swimming, dancing and all around fun!Good Thing a life gaurd was on hand because Ace jumped in the pool at 9 AM and stayed in until 10 at night.

IMG_20160619_132831 IMG_20160619_132437 IMG_20160619_124820 IMG_20160619_125324 IMG_20160619_125446 IMG_20160619_130544IMG_20160618_111309879 IMG_20160619_115336 IMG_20160618_173333610 IMG_20160618_173331662 IMG_20160618_160844025 IMG_20160618_160729866 IMG_20160618_145322110 IMG_20160618_150725046_HDR IMG_20160618_130102264_HDRIMG_20160618_144439977

After leaving West Orange we went on to Atlantic City where we took advantage of staying right on the boardwalk by steel pier and had a blast! We swam in the Atlantic, went sight seeing, played carnival games, gambled and rang in my BDay in style. It was amazing.

IMG_20160619_154629 IMG_20160619_155003 IMG_20160619_154335280 IMG_20160619_154321834_HDR IMG_20160619_152006953 IMG_20160619_151940088 IMG_20160619_235746 IMG_20160619_154829031 IMG_20160619_161230203 IMG_20160619_191204957_HDR IMG_20160619_191412750_HDR IMG_20160620_001417 IMG_20160620_001809 IMG_20160620_002013 IMG_20160620_170619 IMG_20160620_163108 IMG_20160620_110124 IMG_20160620_073113 IMG_20160620_164253 IMG_20160620_072353100 IMG_20160620_072627274_HDR IMG_20160620_162932343_HDR IMG_20160620_160355069 IMG_20160620_141827153_HDR IMG_20160620_180425 IMG_20160620_165031889 IMG_20160620_182847226 IMG_20160621_081011 IMG_20160621_113828

Then as only the Loftus Crew can do, we pulled an audible on our vacation plans and decided to extend our vacation by traveling up to Nova Scotia Canada  continuing our Loftus Land Search. Taking a road trip up through beautiful New England was stunning with all of the trees and flowers in full bloom. We saw a few properties in Maine that  we liked, then crossing the border we had a wonderful time exploring beautiful eastern Canada. Scouting land in several cities in the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia exhilarating and exhausting.

Whilrlwind Feature IMG_20160621_171317 IMG_20160621_165153 IMG_20160621_105402 IMG_20160621_110632 IMG_20160621_174446 IMG_20160621_145021758_HDR IMG_20160622_110257 IMG_20160622_182738 IMG_20160622_182953 IMG_20160622_110948088 IMG_20160622_135843953 IMG_20160622_140333804 IMG_20160622_161000521 IMG_20160623_094218 IMG_20160622_164148209 IMG_20160623_095812 IMG_20160623_112203 IMG_20160623_153351   IMG_20160623_100224

IMG_20160626_110930425_HDR IMG_20160626_110429418_HDR

The scenery of the bays, and coastal landscape was magical however the drive a bit daunting after a while. I think driving cross-country from Idaho just 3 weeks before, then driving down to South Carolina, then all the way up to Canada began to take its toll… but we still managed to make the most of our hotel stays and long road trip drives. Remembering that “the joy is in the journey” we happily returned to the States back to South Carolina where we are still looking for our land and next opportunity for growth!

Stay tuned as I will be posting pics and posts from the past month.

Enjoy Life!




Posts may be a little more sporadic due to our move.. | Loft & Learn

Loft & Learn

Due to the fact that we are heading out on our new adventure and moving cross country (again) to Lexington, South Carolina, Loft & Learn posts may be a little more sporadic this summer. My apologies. But if you would like to catch a daily glimpse of our move and journey, I will be posting more pics on a daily basis to the instagram account during this exciting time!!! Please follow on instagram at malaika@loftandlearn

Thanks and Happy Day!


Jan 23 loftandlearn Malaika & Kingston