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If you are like us, finding fun entertaining yet educational content for a toddler can be challenging but I think sometimes if you can’t find what you are looking for then that means you have to create it!

Yes if you are looking for innovative new fun activities to do with your children, sometimes the best thing you can do is wing it. Start the conversation with your child (This works well for kids 9 and under) about a fun game or story then just  go with the flow. You never know what activity can be created with just one line of a story like “It began long ago on a cold winter’s night…or The Pirate Ship had a long plank ahead staring out at a crystal blue ocean…Go ahead, I dare you to tap into your inner child and wing it.

The story could lead you to coming up with makeshift pirate costumes. Or maybe even having an astronaut puppet show with aluminum foil and Popsicle sticks. Who knows? Just put on your silly hat and let your imagination be your guide!

Happy Playing



Amy’s Piano Studio Grand Opening! | Music Education

Amy’s Piano Studio Grand Opening!

In keeping with the thought of the day on the importance of Music Education, I am so proud to announce the Grand Opening of Amy’s Piano Studio in Tinley Park, IL!!! Amy is not only an amazing teacher and music instructor but also a member of my personal village as she is my sis in law and friend. She truly understands the importance of music and other extra curricular activities when it comes to early child development. It is evident in the way she and her Husband Sean are raising two of the smartest and adorable boys Jack and Dylan.

I encourage all of you to make music apart of your lives and if you are in the Chicago area make sure to add Amy’s Piano Studio into your family routine. http://amyspiano.weebly.com/

Kudos Amy!



A Must Have for Infants and Toddlers! | Books

“first 100 words” big book by bright baby is A must have for young minds.

First 100 words for babies

“first 100 words” big book by bright baby is a must have for helping your tiny tot associate words with pictures. I remember reading this book with Ace and after 5 years it is still proving valuable for Kingston. It’s so precious watching Ace help his little brother learn new things!

The Pictures are so large and colorful, it helps to keep baby’s attention for long periods of time. Repeating the words written out in large print helps Kingston learn how to read in the process.

National Geographic Kids Magazine | Make Learning Fun

Great magazine subscription for Kids of All Ages!

nat geo kids

National Geographic Kids offers a wonderful magazine for curious little minds.

It offers exciting and interesting articles for kids and parents alike.

Your child will also get a kick out of getting their own personal mag in the mail!

I encourage you to also sign up for their  free website for Kids.




How to Create a Savvy Little Shopper! | Parenting Tips

loftandlearn.com savvy shopper

Teach your kids to be savvy and responsible shoppers with a grocery-shopping challenge. In this grocery-store challenge, kids will shop for and purchase 3 items for under $10.
The great part about this game is that they get to keep the change! So the more they save the more they keep for themselves.

You might be surprised that they even decide to not purchase more than one item if nothing at all in order to save. This fun game will teach kids how to comparison-shop and spend wisely so they save more. It also forces them to determine if they truly want the item at all!

Our 5-year-old Ace truly is one of those kids that can be in a store and not ask for everything on the shelf. This activity will do wonders for your young one and your pocketbook)