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Potty Training Tips For Younger Siblings

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Anything you can do I can do better…

So amazing how my sons can be so alike in many ways and yet light years apart in others. Take potty training for instance. I thought our Son Ace would never be able to get out of training pants. And yet our 22 month old Kingston acts like diapers should already be a thing of the past. Of course wanting to do everything like his older brother provides the greatest inspiration and motivation to move faster and accomplish things quicker So I say  use that to your advantage!
Take the diapers off and have one child sit on the potty while the older  is in another room or on the big potty and the first one who makes stinky in the toilet wins. Now structuring the potty time like this provides a couple of perks, first you can begin to set the timing of daily bowels making it a regular occurrence, which will definitely help you plan your day. The second thing it does is totally removes the terror of sitting on the porcelain thrown and actually makes it fun and comfortable.
I also recommend this book by Marianne Richmond, “Big Boys Go Potty”. She also has one for girls as well.



Ace & Kingston
Ace & Kingston