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Acey Fire The Viking

We were so fortunate to be able to attend the ULLR Fest at Bogus Basin Ski Resort this past weekend. This last trip to Bogus Basin also concluded Ace’s Snowboarding lessons and it’s safe to say he’s hooked! We can cross off another item on his wish list. Last season was Tae Kwon Do which he still practices then next up is swim lessons with Kingston and then rock climbing. After Ace turns 6 this summer he is excited for football & baseball. We might as well let him try everything he wants and then figure out what he really enjoys, but I am tired just thinking about it!!!

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It was such a treat to participate in the amazing festival which provided food, drinks,  history lessons, activities and more. Ace and Kingston among other children were given prizes and treats as we were treated to amazing stories of Viking Culture and Folklore.

In Modern Culture within the winter skiing community of Europe the Old Norse god “Ullr” is considered the Guardian Patron Saint of Skiers. An Ullr medallion or Ullr ski medal, depicting the Scandinavian god Ullr on skis holding a bow and arrow, is widely worn as a talisman by both recreational and professional skiers as well as ski patrol in Europe and elsewhere.

Breckinridge Colorado  hosts a week-long festival called “Ullr Fest” each year in January, featuring numerous events designed to win his favor in an effort to bring snow to the historic ski town. Breck Ullr Fest was first held in 1962.

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