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A great day at the Volcano National Park on the Big Island in Hawaii led us to the Volcano Winery on our return home. This was an unexpected and welcomed treat that is worthy of passing along. Located at the 30-mile marker in Volcano, near a golf course it sits tucked away from the main road so we were fortunate to see a few signs leading us to this unique and friendly tasting gallery.

A staple for tourist going to and from the National Park the Winery was well prepared for families looking to understand more about wine while relaxing in a family friendly environment. When we arrived there was a tent set up outside the tasting area with a local artist playing. There were comfortable tables adorned with small snacks for this special event for the day. Everyone was more than welcome to sit, enjoy the act at their leisure before proceeding back in to the gift shop and tasting area where enthusiastic knowledgeable staff were inside serving wine and giving a ton of interesting facts on the Winery itself and it’s specialty wines grown in this very unique environment. It was a very impressive well run business!

The Volcano Winery is a very pleasant experience that if on the Big Island is a must for your to-do list!

If you would like to taste the delicious Volcano Winery Wine for yourself, you are in luck. They also ship directly to your home!!! Here is the direct link to the Volcano Winery, Cheers! http://volcanowinery.com/


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Volcano Winery-Tasting Southern Most Winery in America

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