Your Baby Can Read! | Parenting Tips 12.17 030

Your Baby Can Read was an awesome addition to our family 5 years ago when ace was about 6 months old. I would turn it on while I was doing my post baby workout routine in my living room in North Miami, Fl. It served as great entertainment and educational tool for Ace well into his 3rd year. Kingston is now also reaping the benefits of this amazing video series for early child education. If you don’t already have this wonderful disc set, (I believe it may have since gone out of production) you can just go to You tube and pull it up along with countless other great learning videos. There are also great videos by Mother Goose, that keep children entertained for nearly an hour, learning the alphabet, working on phonics, singing nursery rhymes and more!!! 12.17 031 12.17 029 12.17 034